6 Reasons Why Athletes Use Magnesium

6 Reasons Why Athletes Use Magnesium

Constant exercise and overstraining the body often has athletes dealing with multiple problems such as muscle soreness and blisters. If not treated properly, these problems can not only result in declining performance, but can prove to be career-threatening as well!

Topical/ transdermal magnesium therapy is one of the leading treatments provided to athletes to help them deal with all such problems.

Magnesium Therapy Benefits For Athletes

Transdermal/ topical magnesium therapy involves applying magnesium oil directly, or sometimes mixed with other products, to deal with surface-level or skin-deep problems. Topical therapy relates to dealing with problems on the surface level, such as cuts and wounds. Transdermal therapy relates to the magnesium product being massaged deeply into the skin to help with muscle and nerve problems.

What are the benefits of topical/transdermal magnesium therapy for athletes? Lets find out!

Healing Blisters and Chafing

Working out, running, and other physical activities result in wounds, blisters, and cuts. The constant use of the body also results in chafing, which can cause tremendous pain.

Topical magnesium therapy, in this case, deals with the problem. The magnesium oil is applied at the skin level, which kills off harmful bacteria, promotes healing, and takes away the pain.

Overcoming Muscle Soreness

Overburdening the body causes muscle soreness which leads to fatigue. This fatigue, if not dealt with properly, has been reported to affect athlete's performance adversely.

Transdermal magnesium therapy allows the body to relax, gives it the boost it needs and assists it in recovering from muscle soreness.

Heals Inflammation

Inflammation can be caused due to wounds or tired muscles. This can lead to the athlete not being able to perform at the best of their ability.

Magnesium therapy deals with the body's topical and transdermal requirements, accordingly allowing the athlete to heal quickly.

Reduces Stress

Stress is normal for athletes, whether physical, due to their strenuous training, or mental, which is mainly due to the pressure of performing at the desired event.

Magnesium therapy lets the athlete relax and promotes sleep, calming them down and ultimately reducing stress.

Regulates Blood Sugar

For best performance, athletes are prescribed to keep their sugar levels between 80 and 180 mg/dL. Magnesium, in this regard, helps athletes maintain just that! It works with insulin sensitivity in the body, and also helps with the treatment of diabetes.

Magnesium For Pain Relief

Magnesium transdermal therapy reduces blood pressure and pain by blocking the calcium channel. This regulates blood flow and plays a pivotal role in cardiovascular health.  Along with all of that, there have been reports about transdermal therapy being especially helpful for those who suffer from migraines.

Natural Prevention & Healing

Though you can find several products where magnesium is available to be applied directly on the skin as an isolate, the best approach is to buy products that are infused with magnesium as well as other auxiliary minerals to reap the most benefits.

At DrDoug'sBalms, you can buy our incredible miracle balm, as well as magnesium balm, which consist of elements such as organic olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil, and peppermint essential oils. All these ingredients mixed together work tremendously well to help athletes recover from muscle soreness and help reduce muscular pain and fatigue.     

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