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Introduce your customers

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Simple ingredients.

Life-Changing Results.

Simple ingredients.

Life-Changing Results.

Hand-crafted by Dr. Doug,

Board-Certified Neurologist.

Dermatologist Approved.

Essentials Collection

Unlock Nature's Best for Your Skin

Athlete Collection

Stay Ahead of the Race

Mom & Baby Collection

Nurturing Skin with Pure, Gentle Care



Nurturing Skin with Pure, Gentle Care


At the essence of our ethos, driven by an unwavering commitment to health and natural well-being, stands Dr. Doug, a neurologist with a deep-rooted passion for crafting solutions that harmonize with both the body and nature. Alongside is Natalie, the co-founder, whose vision and expertise complement the innovative drive behind our brand.

Together, they have curated a selection of products that epitomize purity, sustainability, and effectiveness. Each product, from our flagship Miracle Balm to our products enhanced for added relief, each is formulated with organic, toxin-free ingredients, signifying our pledge to offer only the best. Our journey, inspired by Dr. Doug's own needs as an endurance athlete and Natalie's entrepreneurial spirit, is about more than just products—it's about fostering a healthier lifestyle for our community. Welcome to a world where each item is not just a part of your daily routine but a step towards a healthier, more sustainable life.

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Discover the essence of Dr. Doug's with our Essentials Collection—a testament to the magic of organic body care.

Crafted with nature's finest ingredients, each product in this collection embodies our commitment to healthier, happier skin.

Experience the transformative power of and the versatility of our balms. These essentials aren't just products; they're your ticket to loving the skin you're in.

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Elevate your game with Dr. Doug's Athletes Collection—crafted for champions by champions.

Specially formulated for the demands of active lifestyles, this powerhouse blend isn't just a skincare solution—it's a game-winner.

From chafing to blisters, dryness to minor injuries, our collection tackles it all, so you can stay in the zone. Safeguard your skin from the elements and the sun's rays, ensuring peak performance every time.

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Welcome to a world of nurturing care crafted with both you and your little one in mind. Our Mom and Baby Collection is here to elevate your self-care routine to new heights.

Formulated with gentle, all-natural ingredients, this collection is your trusted ally in nurturing your baby's delicate skin. From soothing diaper changes to providing full-body care, our hydrating and healing formula tackles common irritations like eczema, diaper rash, and cradle cap, leaving no unwanted residue behind.

Our collection goes beyond skincare by offering a crucial mineral often overlooked in modern diets. Replenish essential levels and find solace in relaxation with our nutrient-rich balm. Say goodbye to joint pain, muscle soreness, and more, and embrace the joys of new motherhood with rejuvenating care.

Life's greatest memories are crafted in the open air, and our Outdoor Collection ensures these moments remain unforgettable.

From shielding against sunburn and pesky insect bites to preventing chafing and blisters, our collection is your ultimate outdoor companion.

Say goodbye to chemical insect repellents and embrace the power of nature with our natural alternative, keeping you protected without compromise. Plus, indulge your lips with our all-natural lip balm, providing lasting hydration for a smile as vibrant as your adventures.

Gear up, step outside, and make every outdoor experience extraordinary with our Outdoor Collection!

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All of our clients love it!

Amy H.

A Focused Touch Day Spa

Woman Doing Yoga
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New Favorite Product!

This balm is easily one of my newest favorite products. Within a day or two of using it, my skin felt incredibly silky and smooth. It smells so good and feels incredibly comforting every time I use it. I’ve had eczema and other skin issues my whole life, including itchy skin, and this has really calmed it down. I love this balm and am excited to try all the others!

Liana M.

Retail Customer

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A Favorite In My Physical Therapy Practice

We were introduced to Dr. Dougs a few months ago. As a physical therapy practice that specializes on hands on treatments, we have utilized various creams, lotions, and serums to facilitate techniques over the years. This has quickly become a favorite of all 7 of our clinicians. We recommend it for patient use at home as well.

Elizabeth S.

Core Wellness PT


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