Ready to put Dr. Doug’sΒ balms to the test? Document your skincare transformation and you could win a **$50 gift card!**

πŸ“Έ **Why Share Your Before and After?**
We’re in this together! Your journey helps inspire others to experience their own skin miracles. Plus, you get a shot at that sweet $50 gift card!

🌟 **Dr. Doug’s Simple Tips for Snap-Happy Skin!** 🌟

1. **Use Daylight**: Best light is at the window.
2. **Stay Still**: Same spot for all your photos.
3. **Close-Ups**: Show us the area you're treating.
4. **Clean Lens**: Wipe for a clear picture.
5. **Neutral Face**: Relaxed face for facial pics.
6. **Regular Pics**: β€˜Before’ and then weekly shots.
7. **Turn Phone**: Sideways pics are best.


#### πŸŽ‰ **How to Enter the $50 Gift Card Giveaway** πŸŽ‰

1. Follow Dr. Doug’s photo tips.
2. Snap your before and after shots.
3. Use the link below to upload your pictures or email them to us.

⭐ **Email to:** ⭐