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Dr. Doug's Story







Gnarly feet. 

Hard to believe it, but I'm a Medical Doctor, and a foot-phobe.  Blown up feet give me the willies.  I've been slimed, had abscesses burst on me, trach tubes empty a cough on my chest, been coated with all densities of urine and feces, and vomited on more times than I can count.  Teeth have come off during an intubation, and certain anatomies have 'expressed' on my eye shield and face mask.

Total.  Poker.  Face. 

It's the toenails like velociraptor's and feet looking so beat you're wondering why there aren't tread marks that make me wide eyed and cringing.  I work on a different organ system, as far from the feet as possible without being detached from the body (apologies to Marie Antoinette.)

So a brain doctor with a refund-guaranteed foot balm?  And you could eat it in a survival situation?  Odd.  But kinda cool.

When I began my return to fitness 3 years ago, I was using whatever socks at the top of my drawer, and ten year old running shoes.  It evolved from light running, to muscle confusion, added yoga, and ate (or grazed) on whatever food was available or favored on the menu.

About the same time, I had found a little container of neutral lotion, the kind you get free with a hotel room, and put it on my feet.  My family are country folk and we don't waste anything.

My tired tootsies thanked me.  It was a start, but it's missing something.  Later I found out it was many things.  It missed a moisture barrier.  Some essential oils.  It had a 'residue quality' and felt greasy on bare floor, even in my socks, or shoes/sandals and no socks.  My old high school wrestling coach posted online that he was beekeeping.  I thought about it... organic, emollient, yet waxy--like a moisture barrier.  First trial was a dud.  Then a patient comes in, asking about the health benefits of coconut oil.  Then another regarding hair health.  I had been recommending the 'Flat Belly Diet' from the fine people at Prevention magazine to patients for years.  So Good fat, natural oils... these aren't coincidences.  I read about the skin benefits of EVOO, extra virgin olive oil.  And with a goal directed additions here and there, made a batch of 'samples.’  At room temperature, they became my daily foot/nail care.  Again, no coincidence, patients were asking about the health benefits of (insert your most recent trending oil here!!).  With trial and error I came across my current formula.

My 20ish daughter asked if I would do an OCR (Obstacle Course Race) with her for fun.  Who could say no?  So, like any novice, I asked around and started a program.  Then the little monster backs out, and I did it with my cousin Ted instead.  First OCR for me was a blast, brought back memories of my military days, and was injury (and blister!!) free.  Ted wasn't so lucky.  His feet were smoked, with hot spots and blisters, and he lost a toe-nail.  Poor Ted.  And yes, if my daughter had done the race I'd have taken care of her feet. But c'mon, she's my inspiration.  But Ted was on his own.

Don't judge me.  Ted's feet were his problem.  And I'm a foot-phobe, remember?  I'm not touching those things. 

Fast forward. 

I tore a calf muscle at an indescribable race, called Infinitus, put on by Andy Weinberg, Jack Cary and 'The Endurance Society."  With the race over, I did my best to triage other runners' feet.  (yes, I hate feet, but I flipped the switch to help my race buddies.)  My ‘samples’ were integral in this process and at many races since then.

I quickly started receiving positive feedback and receiving requests for more. Dr. Doug’s Endurance cream evolved from there.

I use the base balm nearly every day as maintenance, and pre-event for prevention.  When actively using this balm, I have yet to evolve a blister or lose a toe-nail on any endurance or OCR event. 

Developed by a Neurologist, tested and approved by a Dermatologist.

Welcome to Dr. Doug’s Miracle Balms. Please give it a try! We hope you enjoy and get the variety of benefits that so many others have experienced.   If not, don’t worry - we will give you a 100% refund on the product cost.