Keeping Your Cool Going Back to School

Keeping Your Cool Going Back to School

We all know about the huge Back to School Rush and how stressful it can be. So here are 6 helpful tips to get you started on the right track and prepare for the school year!

  1. Know what you need to get

Going to the store and school supply shopping can be confusing and stressful, so it’s better to condense it all into one trip! Before you go, make sure you have your school’s school supply list as well as your personal one. There is so much more to get for the school year than just school supplies, such as healthy snacks, new clothes, proper skincare products, and extracurricular supplies.

  1. Practice bedtimes for your kids

We’re used to staying up later during the long days in summertime, but now that the school year is around the corner, we need to make sure we are establishing an easy-to-manage routine! Make sure to prepare your kids by practicing an earlier bedtime a couple weeks before school starts. It’s also important to keep communication with your kids about the changes that are going to occur – whether it’s time differences, new babysitters, or after school activities they will be involved in. Kids will better retain their schedules if you give them time to learn it.

  1. Make sure you and your kids are getting enough (healthy) food! 

The school year can be tiring for the whole family. Make sure you are all getting good and healthy energy from your foods. Check out our blogpost, "10 Healthy Snacks for You and Your Kids" for some great healthy snack ideas for lunchtime, breakfast, or after school!

  1. Hydrate

Studies show that water and staying hydrated helps the brain become more alert and absorb more information. It also naturally detoxes your body, makes your skin glow, helps with digestion, and has anti-aging effects. Be sure to save some plastic and buy your kids a cool new reusable water bottle they will love.

  1. Get a planner for you and your kids

Teach your kids how to stay organized by writing down everything they need to remember, such as birthdays, special events, homework assignments, and test days. Be sure to get yourself one too, so you can stay on top of you and your kids’ schedules. There are even planners where you can organize your day by time (extra helpful for managing sports practices, babysitters, and extracurriculars). If you are more into technological organizers, there is also an app called Cozi that is an easy-to-use family organizer!

     6. (Bonus Tip) Get yourself some Dr. Doug's

Not sure exactly what you need? Try our Dr. Doug's Sampler Pack. This bundle contains all 6 of our original products in the small twist-up travel size (0.35oz) — all at a discounted price so that you don't have to try each one individually. They also fit perfectly into a backpack. Send your kid to school with a Miracle Balm + Zinc and they'll never have to worry about playground scrapes again. And remember, if you try them and they aren't to your satisfaction, you can utilized our 90-day Money Back Guarantee. We want our customers happy!