Gut Check — "Work Hard, Play Harder"

Gut Check — "Work Hard, Play Harder"

Gut Check Fitness


Gut Check: “a test of courage, character and determination.” It’s an old US Military term coined by the Marines in Vietnam. Basically boils down to who are you and what are you truly made of. US ARMY Vet, Guinness World Record Holder for Fitness and 2 x Death Race winner, Joe Decker, used this coveted term to name his Outdoor Fitness and Event company that he started in San Diego 16 years ago as way to honor and pay tribute to our Vets and Active Duty.


Joe Decker Gut Check Fitness Recovery Balm

 Joe Decker of Gut Check Fitness


Gut Check now hosts outdoor workouts in parks around the nation as well as many fun but challenging events. On the fun side would be the All Terrain 5k trail running series that are held in Ramona, CA, Luckenbach Texas and Lewistown, IL, all near undiscovered wine regions with the intent being to get active, “work hard,” then enjoy some wine tasting afterwards, “play harder,” which has been a Gut Check mantra since the beginning.


On the challenging and life changing side would be the 4 Hour GUT CHECK, 12 Hour SUCK and the 36 Hour Ultimate SUCK. These events were created to hopefully inspire, motivate and ultimately empower others to find their own greatness through sleep deprivation, challenging tasks and extreme adversity. As you can imagine, regardless of whether it’s the fun 5k or the challenging 36 hour, most individuals are going to deal with scrapes, cuts, heat, friction and much more.   


Dr. Doug Gut Check

Dr. Doug participating in the Gut Check Fitness 36 Hour Ultimate SUCK


This is where Dr. Doug, his Miracle Balm and all the other amazing healing and soothing ointments come into play. Dr. Doug’s products help them avoid bug bites, sunburn, chafing and more as well as promotes recovery which is important to get them back in the game as soon as possible. Joe Decker jokes, “we break ‘em, Dr. Doug’s fixes them.”


4 Hour Gut Check 5k 2022 (Lewistown, IL)


In all seriousness, if you’ve never attended a Gut Check event, you are truly are missing out. We keep the enrollment small and the quality high in an effort to maintain the integrity which is why people come back year after year to be a part of this world class community. If you’d to learn more about this world record breaking outdoor fitness program or participate in an event near you, be sure to check out their website for more information.

Are you ready for a Gut Check?!