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Best Gifts for Father's Day

Struggling to Find the Perfect Gift for Dad? Here Are Some Ideas!

 Father's Day


Father’s Day is right around the corner, and that means there are a lot of tough decisions to be made. In fact, let’s be real, every Dad-focused holiday or birthday is a challenge. What do you get the men in your life who already have every version of every gadget and nick nack imaginable?


To find the answer, you have to look deeper than the latest iPad or novelty item. You need to think of the actual struggles dads face and then match up your gift with those needs.


Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples of how Dr. Doug’s Balms can answer Dad’s ongoing needs this year. 

1. Address Dad’s Stress

Being Dad is a full-time job. It can also come with a lot of stress. From paying the bills to being emotionally available to protecting the family, any father worth their salt is on duty 24/7.


This can lead to a lot of stress. When that’s the case, look no further than Dr. Doug’s Stress Relief Toolkit to help soothe away the tension.


The kit comes with charcoal soap to gently clean and exfoliate the skin. It also comes with a jar and twist-up option of our Magnesium Balm, which happens to be a great agent when it comes to relaxing the body and helping relieve stress.

2. Help Dad Sleep Better

It turns out that magnesium doesn’t just relieve stress. It can also help with a lot of other health concerns, like sleep. 


Disturbed sleep tends to come from some places more than others. Some of these are physical, like nerve problems (more on that further down). Sleep issues can also come from anxiety. 


By giving Dad a topical magnesium option, you can not only relieve the stress in their bodies. You can also directly contribute to better sleep — something many fathers desperately need.


If you find that springing for the entire Stress Relief Kit is too much, you can always pick up a single stick of our Magnesium Balm, too. Let Dad give it a try, check out how well his sleep improves, and save the full kit for the next Dad-centric day of the year.

3. Alleviate Dad’s Pesky Knee, Back, and Joint Pain

Okay, we’ve spent a lot of time on magnesium — but with good reason. That potent natural ingredient is an amazing way to help someone slow down, rest, relax, and recuperate. 


But there are other things that Dads face besides stress and sleep deprivation. For instance, many fathers struggle with pesky issues that tend to focus on their knees, back, or joints — and sometimes all three!


If that’s the case, you can tap into the power of our Recovery Balm as a bonafide nerve-support solution. The topical utilizes our Miracle Balm formula with the added power of Arnica Montana sunflower cream and, you guessed it, magnesium chloride from salts found in seawater.


The result is a balm that can relieve pain and reduce soreness. It can help with swelling, bruising, joint pain, stiffness, body aches, inflammation, nerve pain — you name it.

Taking Care of Dad This Father’s Day

From better sleep to less stress to better pain management, there are plenty of ways to help Dad out this Father’s Day (or any special occasion when you’re celebrating your dad). So keep this list handy, consider what your Dad needs help with this year, and then show some TLC to the father figure who has supported you through thick and thin all these years.