Arnica: Nature's Painkiller

Arnica: Nature's Painkiller

You have probably heard of Advil, Motrin, and other manufactured drugs that help with pain. Did you know that there is a natural, organic solution that helps many with this pain instead of taking medications?  


Arnica Montana, or more commonly just "Arnica" is a plant that grows mainly in Siberia and Central Europe. However, it can also be grown in North America in temperate climates. It is a relative of the sunflower and resembles a daisy as you can see by the picture.

Arnica has several different species. The most popular and the one that's been linked to the best medicinal use is Europe's native, Arnica Montana. 

Arnica is used in various different medicines. One of the most common variations is Arnica gel, applied topically to the skin. Topical application to the skin is the way to go and they do work, but the gels sold on the market today are quite loose and don't last very long. People have also been known to take Arnica orally as well as topically.  Unfortunately, to get a good result, many would need to take a significant amount orally - and taking too much could be toxic to your health.  

Fun fact: the Canadian government considers Arnica a poison as well as an anti-inflammatory/painkiller (they have banned it for food use but allow it topically for medicine).

 If you take Arnica topically, however, it is almost impossible to get sick from it. Topical Arnica is best suited for bruising, swelling, and joint pain. And while there have been skeptics on whether or not Arnica really works, there have been studies that can outright confirm that Arnica is effective when taken topically.

Arnica is one of the key ingredients in our popular Recovery Balm. Many have had great success with this product in particular. Best for joint paint, bruising, and swelling, yet still provides all around pain relief and relaxation. In fact, my dad recently had back surgery in December. Recovery Balm was the only thing that got him out of bed on Christmas Day. He's been using it ever since.