Product History

Product Description/History

Original Miracle Balm: 100% Organic.  Many have told us they use this everywhere, no-matter-what-problem, it is your “Go-To Balm.”  Dubbed Miracle Balm for its quick-relief, healing and long-lasting qualities.  It is non-greasy, so you won’t slip and slide in your foot-wear, nor will it daub or stain linens or clothing. 

Just a few of the many uses we have received positive feedback on so far:  every day and on-the-go moisturizer (baby, kids and adults) for entire body, eczema, protect and heal feet, cuticle moisture, eye makeup remover, smooth ends of dry hair. 

This is good stuff, our original formula and foundation of Dr. Doug’s products.

*for best results when using the jars, take a little in your hands and rub together to warm a bit before applying. 


Clear Zinc:  We love feedback!  One of our biggest fans and dermatologist asked if we could add the healing and skin-healthy qualities of zinc.  With her in mind, we turned our Go-To balm into a uniquely new formulation that you can apply to your face, lips, and sun-exposed areas.  Zinc is a natural healing agent and sunscreen (this natural formulation won’t burn your eyes or numb your lips like other options out there either). 

If you know someone who didn’t put this on before the sun, they can use it for sunburn relief and healing as well. 


Magnesium Balm:  Along comes a colleague who loved our zinc balm but wanted something for her post-baby stretch marks (and since many have used to prevent them as well).  For years, magnesium has been used ‘off-label’ for her problem, but also muscle pain, nerve pain, and headache.  We took the zinc out added magnesium to our Go-To balm.  Due to the properties of magnesium, this is a little ‘looser’ than our regular balm but still applies completely.  Migraineurs apply to temples, neck and forehead.  Restless leg??  Apply to your feet to above the ankles at night.


Charcoal soap:   This soap is based on our original miracle balm but with the cleansing & detoxifying properties of activated charcoal.  Used for removing makeup, cleaning up acne, and soothing skin conditions. 


*Please note:  Dr. Doug uses the highest quality Organic/All-natural ingredients available.  Because of the natural qualities there may periodically be slight differences in color or scent. 


Please let us know your use!  #whatsyouruse  #drdougsbalms