Our Top 10 Reasons Your Skin Loves Magnesium

10 Amazing Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is the one of the most abundant minerals in the human body, and its deficiency can lead to a myriad of health ailments. To begin with, it is one of the leading reasons for numbness, muscle cramps, spasticity, seizures, and abnormal heart rates.

Topical/transdermal magnesium therapy is a novel form of magnesium supplementation which is safe, convenient, and easy to administer. It has been proven to be the best alternative to oral ingestion that is many a time accredited to result in diarrhea or other intestinal ailments.

Topical magnesium therapy refers to the process in which the oil is directly applied to the skin to rejuvenate the cells. Transdermal magnesium therapy refers to the treatment in which the oil is absorbed into the body through the skin.

How is this beneficial? Let's find out!

Benefits of Magnesium Therapy:

Relieving Muscle/Nerve Pain

In circumstances where the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors get blocked and nerves become over-sensitive, the human body begins to experience muscle and nerve pain. This blockage leads to migraines, restless legs, neuropathic pain, tension headache, dysmenorrhea, and other such related issues.

Magnesium therapy regulates nerve and muscle functioning by opening the blockages and bringing the body back to homeostasis.

Skin Elasticity

Magnesium is a miracle mineral; when missing from your diet, you’re unable to keep your skin moisturized. This leads to dry, uneven skin and wrinkles. At worst, it can lead to losing the elasticity of the skin.

Transdermal magnesium for the skin protects against external damage and regulates cellular regeneration. This helps the body maintain and restore moisture and elasticity.

Stretch Marks

Aging and pregnancy are the leading factors that contribute towards losing skin moisture, leading to stretch marks. These marks become a frequent occurrence that can be dealt with magnesium therapy. Via the therapy, the collagen in the skin is restored, which allows the skin to overcome the stretches. Our topical Magnesium Chloride balm has been known to work exceptionally on fighting stretch marks. 


Nerve problems and anxiety are the leading reasons for disturbed sleeping patterns or no sleep at all. Magnesium therapy relaxes the nervous system, which helps calm you down. This relieves anxiety and stress, which ultimately promotes sleep. Another one of our products that helps with both relaxation as well as acne and blemishes, is our all-natural Charcoal Soap.

Cramp Pain

Magnesium holds the spot right next to calcium to help your muscles relax. If your body doesn’t meet the requirements, it causes muscle contraction, which causes cramps or muscle spasms. Topical/transdermal magnesium (chloride) therapy regulates blood flow and allows your body to absorb the required nutrients to relieve the cramps and pain.


When your body is magnesium deficient, it aggravates your asthma or even causes shortness of breath. Meeting the required magnesium dosage helps you relieve these issues and also brings asthma under control.


Magnesium therapy increases blood levels, helping you control diabetes. Pre-diabetic patients can get this therapy to improve their blood sugar initially, and even evade reaching the diabetes type 2 stage.


Hypertension can be accredited to magnesium deficiency. Meeting the mineral requirements relaxes your nerves, which helps reduce hypertension. This results in a lesser chance of strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Heart Disease

Magnesium improves the ventricular threshold of arrhythmias in all heart conditions. It also regulates the flow of calcium in the muscle cells, prohibiting hyper contraction, which can result in angina and even heart attacks.


Magnesium is a leading nutrient that manufactures and supports protein, bone, and DNA health in the body. The topical/transdermal magnesium (chloride) therapy helps promote bone health, making the bones strong and helping the patients overcome osteoporosis.


Topical/transdermal magnesium (chloride) therapy is associated with a myriad of benefits. While a professional can be hired for the therapy, with the right set of supplies, you can administer the treatment yourself and reap the miraculous benefits this mineral has to offer.

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