Slickrock Expeditions canoe trip and hiking at Big Bend -
"Surf & Turf" Photography by Ken Silvestri
Gary P. Nunn sings about the "Terlingua Sky"
"We don't know what we got when we got it.
We don't know what we're missin' 'till we try it.."
Father and son duo, The Dill Hickles play "Pablo", recorded live at La Kiva.
Solitario in Terlingua
Day of the Dead Celebration - Terlingua Ghost Town Cemetery - 2012
    Terlingua turns out for the Day of the Dead Celebration. The graves are decorated, candles are lit, bonfire is blazing, and the costumes are killer.
Bit and pieces of what we do when we are here, a wonderful winter "Base Camp" near by "Big Bend", Texas.
The Path of a Wounded Warrior, a video I wanted on the same page as a "fiction" piece I wrote in our Journal while here in the Big Bend Desert. A rarity when it comes to such writing. Maybe the Desert heat? Or maybe not as much fiction as thought.
Dace Sultanov and Aileen Hummel at La Kiva
Laird Considine - Skyhorse - Terlingua, Texas Americana Music
Texas Blues Artist Pat O'Bryan performs CrossRoads Blues
Dr. Doug Presents:
            Big Bend Videos
Dr. Doug Presents:
            Big Bend Videos
Four outlaws and a female bounty hunter follow a path of violence and murder along the Texas/Mexico border, only to discover overlapping pasts.