Collie Ryan is an old friend of Dr. Doug's.  She is a devoted Theosophist, Naturalist, Singer, Poet, Artist, and a fine Musician.  She sings and plays guitar on the theme song of this webpage, "City Man" found at the top of the page.  What a BABE!

Below:  Starlight Theatre Hostesses Lara and Megan
Dr. Doug's Mental Health Clinic
Guided Group Therapy on the Terlingua Ghost Town Porch
Terlingua Babes

On this page you will find the Babes of Terlingua, enjoy!

Rachel Maxwell, Dr. Doug & Joanna Nelson.
Brady, Jaylee, Dr. Doug and La. 
Rush Warren, his wife Penni & Dr. Doug. Penni is known in Terlingua as Ms. Money Penni and is a good friend and... WHAT A BABE!
My friend Eleanor Brown is a professional photographer from Houston, TX.  A very sweet lady and what a babe... her husband is also a Doctor. Her beautiful web site is here:

Dr. Doug and his good friend Kim Eitze.  She is a good photographer and a beautiful Babe.  She likes her ice cold medicine, and follows the Doctor's orders explicitly.
Below: Dr. Doug and Nurse Jane
Right:  Farmers Insurance Agent Donna Blevins, Dr. Doug and Mission Valley Distributor Phyllis Dunham. Terlingua Ghostown and the majestic Chisos Mountains are in the background.

Below:  While Cynta De Narvaez sneaks a feel, it seems the Doctor was quite unprepared for this bevy of beauties.

Dr. Doug is the Official "Shrink" (Borderline Psychiatrist) for the Terlingua Bandidos Motorcycle Club, consisting mostly of Hot Biker Babes.  Get a load of the chick wearing the horns!  Dr. Doug has his hands full with this one!  The Cowboys Cheerleader enjoys riding Dr. Dougs trusty steed, the Yellow Motorcycle, but the other biker chicks won't let her, so she struts her stuff behind their backs.
Photos by Terry Anderson
J'Lee          Dr. Doug           Sierra             Teren            
Cindy Keefe