The Dogs of Terlingua

Master Chef Francois Maeder of Crumpets Restaurant & Bakery in San Antonio offers gourmet rafting trips with Far Flung.
On recent trips, Chef Maeder's menus, accompanied by wines from Texas vineyards, have included mushroom stuffed wild quail, marinated Gulf shrimp en brochette, fettuccine with pine nuts, rack of lamb, and prickly pear and strawberry trifle.
In the evenings, campers dine to various styles of music performed by the live musician du jour.

Dr. Sam the Vet
(405) 795-3905

Veterinary Clinic located on Ghost Town Road in Terlingua, next to Painted Feather Studio & Gallery
Dr. Doug's Mental Health Clinic
Guided Group Therapy on the Terlingua Ghost Town Porch
City Slickers often ask us what we do to pass the time in Terlingua.  Well, let's go dancin' to the Terlingua Waltz!

Terlingua Ghost Town

Is located on one of nature's most powerful spots, riddled with rich ore veins, crystals growing out of the ground, a flowing underground river, and surrounded by mountains.  You can feel the energy.  It makes me very, very happy. 

Most people that spend any length of time here find the same phenomenon.  If you think you need a change, and you do, come on out here and stay a spell.  Absorb the bountiful earth energy. You'll find the people nice and freindly, comfortable rustic style lodging, exotic food, strong sun, dark starfilled nights, plenty of live music and the change will do you good. 

Tell 'em Dr. Doug sent ya'!
Now we'll visit the "Contrabando" movie set.  Dr. Doug was involved somehow, something about that "crazy crew."
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La Posada Milagro
Guesthouse and Casitas
Photo courtesy of Terry Anderson
Dr. Doug Highly Recommends:

Off The Grid Photography
Digital Photography and Printing

Photo courtesy of Clyde Replogle
Terlingua Artists found here:
Ceil Drucker, Therapist

"I believe Health is our birthright and Balance is the natural state of the human body. This state of health and balance is not a static thing, but an ever shifting dynamic that is influenced by what we think and feel and do and take in.  I believe in the healing power of the desert and the human body.  I seek to help you create balance and harmony in your body through skilled touch and deep listening."
(432) 371-2160
(432) 386-5267 Cell

Now we will tag along with a wonderful family group and raft down the Rio Grande. Some say this is the most fun you can have in Terlingua. Even have live music around the campfire Look at the feast those river guides cook up!  White linen and wine in the wilderness, what class! 

If you've never rafted the Rio, you have missed a real adventure. It's just dangerous enough to make it exciting. Experienced guides with proper equipment make it family safe.

Jim Bones does the video, Michael Stevens sings a Terlingua cowboy's song and the "West Texas Lullaby."
Rio Grande Camp

Marinated Shrimp
Rack of Lamb
Beef Wellington
Wine, Brandy & coffee

prepared by
Chef Francois Maeder
Dr. Doug is preparing for a long Group Therapy Session this afternoon, he is guarding his supply of ice cold medicine between his feet with his walking cane. 

His therapy is somewhat out of the ordinary, some say controversial. It's a very different and strange method, wherein the Doctor takes most of the medicine for himself, and expects his patients to live free, not to worry and to think themselves happy.  And, even with his fabulous success rate, he charges nothing for his services!

What kind of Doctor is this?  
iViva Terlingua!
Terlingua loves her slow, bony little children, and because this is a dangerous drug smuggling area full of infiltrating terrorists and marauding gangs of speeding Mexican bandidos, and the U.S. government has not yet protected us with an impenetrable steel wall along the border, Dr. Doug volunteers for the extremely hazardous duty of school crossing guard. Here is a picture of one of Terlingua's Finest!
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Jail house Rock

Local musicians like to jam in the cool jail house "reverb chamber."  Jail house furnishings provide comfort and luxury for these desert denizens.
"Serving and Protecting Slow Children From Fast Movers."
Dr. Doug highly recommends:

Big Bend River Tours

Jan Forte is a long time favorite friend and good person. If you want a fun, safe trip down the Rio Grande, go with this experienced group.

(800) 545-4240
Painted Feather Studio & Gallery

All original works using Golden Fluid Acrylics

Danilea J. Bottenfield
"DANI" Owner/Artist
The Painted  Feather Studio & Gallery
Terlingua TX.

Video courtesy of Ara.
Chef Ara and Spirit on the road.
European trained Chef Ara and his best friend Spirit are on a journey in a motorcycle and a sidecar to find a life under the stars.  Ara lives in Terlingua when he is not on the road. He is a talented photographer and writer as well as a gourmet Chef.  Check out his intriguing web site here:

Along with most interesting photos and stories of his adventures, you will find a great many of his favorite recipes, which are a real adventure in tasteful dining.

La Posada Milagro
Guesthouse and Casitas
Ice Cream Truck in Terlingua

Camping here at Rancho Topanga is new.  We have completed 25 campsites but we are a work in progress.  All of our sites are designed to be “camper friendly”, safe and comfortable.   All of our family are avid campers so we know what campers want and need to relax, have fun and enjoy the stay.  We've got beautiful mountain views, breath-taking views of the night sky, and fossils galore! Plus we've got plenty of peace and quiet to relax even the most weary travelers.

Call for us today for more information and reservations.
Pat and Guy Foli
HC 70 Box 340
Terlingua, TX 79852
(432) 371-2131
A Tour of Terlingua
Nick Cooper sings a song about Terlingua including UH Clem and Dr. Doug on the Porch.
Terlingua Horny Toad compliments of: 
Mercury Graphics & Promotion

"First, do no harm."  Hippocrates
Terlingua Stupid Race
Terry Anderson scratching his Ass
Cowboy Dr. Doug
Hitch Hiking in Terlingua
Adios Mother...  Bear.
Cowboy Dr. Doug Photos by Terry Anderson
Now where is my medicine?
Mosasaur Ranch Museum
Seas and Shores of the Big Bend of Texas
From Mosasaurs to Dinosaurs

HWY 170, 6 miles East of
Lajitas, or 6 miles West of
Terlingua Ghost Town
Ken Barnes, Curator
Phone:  1 (432)  424- 3447
Home: 1 (432)  371-2445

The Flying Horse atop La Posada Milagro Guesthouse indicates a room is available when lit.  Built by John Wurz
Blair Pittman, author of "Tales From the Terlingua Porch"
Casi's dogs
When it rains in Terlingua, a rare event, spectacular waterfalls can be observed in the mountain draws.

View from Big Hill of Terlingua, Study Butte, and the Chisos Mountain range in Big Bend National Park. 

Photos by Terry Anderson
Alex Whitmore takes us on a float through Santa Elena Canyon on the Rio Grande with the river up.
Quick tour of the Terlingua Texas Ghostown.
Join us for a video montage trip through Texas Big Bend National Park, where we hike, canoe, explore, see stars, and enjoy the camaraderie of the big Terlingua Chili Cookoff.
What? Me worry?  What? Me Worry?Where'd everybody go?Gig 'em Aggies!
Click on picture to enlarge, Esc brings you back
Photos by Kristinna Blanchard