Borderline Mental Therapist
Dr. Doug
You're not crazy...  Reality is!
My virtual dog "Mercury"  is cheap to feed and always there. Virtual dogs ARE allowed on the porch.
Souveneir postcard features Dr. Doug on top of a Cadillac in Study Butte, 1985  Photograph by Tracy Lynch  Hallucination by Dr. Doug
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Another amateur video featuring Terlingua Ghost Town and a mysterious figure meandering in the parking lot that resembles the Doctor returning from Nature's call...
Hey... Babes!  More views of the Ghost Town from a female perspective..
Photo courtesy of U.S. National Park Service Historic Collection 1936
Terlingua Creek tributary after a light rain.  Notice the hole worn through the rock by years of erosion.
Juliet C. Perez, CPA
San Antonio, Tex(ah say) Texas.

"Taking her medicine."

Dr. Doug's Patient, Juliet Perez, was miraculously cured of Unhappiness on the Porch, June, 2009.

What a smile!  What a Babe! Isn't happiness beautiful? Successes like this give great meaning to the Doctor's life.
Dr. Doug's
Group Therapy Session

The patient on the far right may need to grow a beard, attend several repeat sessions and take a lot more medicine, but the Doctor never gives up! 

Dr. Doug Sez:

Always remember... Smiles are contagious!
Deciding to be happy is better than deciding to be unhappy.
Just admit that you are very, very happy.
You are what you think you are.
And others think you are what you think you are. 
Therefore, be very, very happy, and everyone else will be too!

Cured of Terminal Unhappiness

Kristinna of Albany, NY had been diagnosed by her Yankee Doctor with Terminal Unhappiness, and had only days left.  Having heard of the miraculous Dr. Doug's Clinic, she rushed up to Terlingua and immersed herself in the Mind Rebending Program.
Dr. Doug first prescribed a regime of La Kiva Mind Erasers to begin with, followed by Terlingua Tea.  Once she was in the proper mental state, the Doctor hypnotically suggested that she was the most beautiful woman on earth and had eighty more delightful years before she left it. He put her into a sound sleep and when awoke, she discovered she could not stop smiling.
Shivers of happiness coursed through her hot veins, she could scarcely contain the exuberance for life she felt.  Having overcome Death by Unhappiness, she was born again into a joyous world for eighty more delightful years.
The Doctor's powers are absolutely unbelievable!

© 2009 Douglas Blackmon, all rights reserved
Kinky Friedman and Sandy Smith on the Porch after consulting with Dr. Doug. Isn't happiness wonderful?  "How hard can it be?"
Emily of Texas
Saint Dymphna’s Story

Her crazed father tried to marry her! She refused so he cut her head clean off. Ever Since, Dymphna has been the patron saint of insanity and “nervous disorders”.  She is also invoked for the healing of incest victims.

She was first honored by some Belgian townspeople for “Praying in a cloud while surrounded by lunatics.

8"x12" acrylic on wood, holy card, brass tacks $125 (includes US Shipping)
Eulogious, Good Dog of the Desert
Emily kissing Ass!
Disastron 3-String Cigar Box Guitar
Saint Dymphna, Patron Saint of Lunatics
© 2009 Emily of Texas, used by permission
On the Porch
with Dr. Doug
World famous Dr. Doug has been providing free Guided Group Therapy Sessions on the Porch in Terlingua for over thirty seven years.  He has been featured in major newspaper and magazine articles, and he appears in many videos on the web.  A trailer for his most recent EMMY awarded video "Ghost Town: 24 Hours in Terlingua" is here.
The Study Butte Store porch was his open air mental health clinic for over twenty of those years, but times changed, people died and Dr. Doug found new opportunities in his quest for mental health at the Terlingua Trading Company Porch.
He now volunteers at the Family Crisis Center (El Centro de la Cultura) in Terlingua during the day, and contributes almost every evening counseling the many lost, wayward, unhappy, thirsty souls he finds congregating on the Terlingua Trading Company Porch.
His tried and true methods have produced a bloom of sanity in the Ghost Town, and Terlingua visitors from around the world have shared ice-cold "medicine" and therapeutic dialog with the Doctor in the Desert, on the Porch.
The long, bumpy, and perilous path...

After a lengthy group session on the porch, and after taking all the prescribed ice cold medicine, Dr. Doug's patient ponders the long, bumpy and perilous path to the rest rooms, next to the jail. 
It's a truely dangerous trek, the doctor himself has fallen off the porch at least once.  Uh Clem has too.  In fact, if you spend much time here, and take your medicine as prescribed, you will also. Some poor wretches have even fallen into the cactus garden!  Once, it took two and a half hours to pull all the prickly pear needles out of an unfortunate friend.
Dr. Doug's cane is useful in these moments, he finds it a stabilizing element in a wobbly world.

A ferocious storm came through in October 2009 with blasting winds that blew roofs off of several houses, bringing hail the size of quarters, and over an inch of rain in thirty minutes. Creeks and draws flash flooded and Hwy. 170 was  closed for four hours. Electricity and phone service was out for two days. This series of pictures shows Dr. Doug with his trusty steed psychoanalysing the oncoming wall cloud (notice the tinge of green in the clouds). High winds punished the flags, eventually breaking the rope holding the flags to the pole.  Dr. Doug's motorcycle has not run since the storm.

Ford Shelby Racing Team at the Ghost Town Cafe.
Photographer Jojo Barnett and Dr. Doug taking their medicine.  Jojo is also known as Artographic66 in the cyberworld.  Here is a link to her web site:
Dr. Doug sez:

Horned Toads are an indicator species.  When they're gone, you're next!
Dr. Doug Installs a new Rain Gauge on the Porch
Mother, may I? 

Yes you can move forward as far as you want to...  'Cause you're the one and only
Dr. Doug!
Female Horny Toad photo courtesy of Anna Oakley
Loren the redhead, Dr. Doug & Jessica the brunette from Dallas are practicing happiness on the Porch.

Try to see it  from
Dr. Dougs perspective...