Terlingua Moon - November 2013
Joee Barnes scholarship fundraiser will be on the November 9th at Terlingua Ghost Town. Horseshoes & Cribbage 10:00. BBQ 2:00. Pot luck food etc. highly welcome and needed. All proceeds go to Big Bend Education Corp. to be used for scholarships to deserving Big Bend High School graduates.  Ken Barnes

    Viva Yoga
Taught by Sandi Turvan
At Desert Lotus Massage Studio in Study Butte
Classes start next week
For more info call/text 512.466.6376
or email sturvan@yahoo.com

Farmer's Market Every Saturday in The Ghosttown Community Garden 10- 2 pm - Enjoy Music this Sat. with Clayton Micheal Drinkard. NEW Vendors with Home-grown and Handmade Items are Always Welcome
    Volunteers NEEDED!!! Sun. Nov. 10th at 9 am, we will be building the north wall windblock for the Farmer's Market. On the menu for lunch is Chicken and Dumplings & a Pot of Beans. Stop by The Trading Company to pick UP and "New" Garden t-shirt. Thank you to everyone for your continued support of the Garden Effort
   The Community Garden has a 3 month old battery, and a RO system including pressure tank For Sale - Call Zoey at 371-2172 for more info. THINK COMMUNITY  BUY LOCAL

This year, as in years past, Cowboy Chris invites everyone to gather at the Cowhead Ranch, just 24 miles north of Terlingua on 118, for his 7th annual Thanksgiving Dinner.  There's always music, lots of great food, and the most interesting people anywhere.  Bring your favorite treat to share or just show up.  Eating time is around 2, but come early and stay late.

The Terlingua edition of Carlton Leatherwood's Big Bend People is in. Here's what Lauren Stedman had to say about the book: "Carl, I just read your book, and it's just a wonderful testament to the fine folks living here.
Thank you for including me. I'm quite honored as we all should be. You are most successfully carrying on your trade, and I have to hand it to you for your perseverance, and your dedication to this community." The book is on sale at Terlingua Trading Company, Many Stones, and Cottonwood General Store.

Fall is Here and the Perfect Time for planting native trees and perennial shrubs - A Large Selection Available.  Call La Luna Landscaping for more details: 371-3196

Last Minute Low Budget Productions will take the stage November 15, 16, & 17 at the new Cinnabar Theater with a collection of short plays. Curtain is 8:00 pm. Tickets are $10 and concessions will be available.

Monday - Nov 4 - Burger Night with Laird Considine
Tuesday - Nov 5 - Clem
Wednesday - Nov 6 - The Whitmores
Friday - Nov 8 - Gary Gorence
Saturday - Nov 9 - Loves It
Sunday - Nov 10 - Brunch with Hank Woji
Monday - Nov 11 - Burger Night with Trevor Hickle & Joe Sirotnak
Tuesday - Nov 12 - Clem
Wednesday - Nov 13 - Tim Relleva

sponsored by Nine Points Ranch & Retreat
FRIDAY 6 pm~ GENE GRIFFIN  and the SONG WRITERS CIRCLE with Austins Finest Ben Ballinger, Cory Reinsisch , Greg Loftus
SATURDAY ~ DR FUN 7 pm on the patio
Omission, Stella, and other new beer selections in stock now!
SUNDAY - Lone Star Cans  while they last during the Hangover jam  $1.25 - come and play with your friends @ 2pm till ?
Now, we can get back to normal (whatever that is). We are still taking orders for a water catchment tank load.  Salesman says they go up - again - after the first of December. For now, the 1,750 gallon size is $823.00. Call the Burrs at 2506 or email us at elcentro432@gmail.com to arrange for your deposit. Farmers' Almanac predicts a wet winter this year, so you'll want to catch every golden drop.

Time again for November Second Saturday Flea Market on the 9th.  The Oct flea market was another success - good weather and plenty of vendors & shoppers.  Come out and set up or shop - El Centro/H2O to Go parking lot - corner of Hwy. 118 and School Road.  Come early and stay to whenever - as always weather permitting.

The Four Shields or Medicine Wheel is an ancient and yet very contemporary way of understanding our own journey to wholeness based on the earth's cycle of the Four Seasons (summer, fall, winter, and spring) and the corresponding Four Directions (south, west, north, and east).Come and experience A Day of Exploration of the Four Shields. We will do some wandering in Nature and gather together in Council to witness how wild nature mirrors our own inner wild nature!
Led by David Clark, founder of Wild Spirit Passages
When:  Thursday, November 14
Time:  9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Where:  Mary Diesel's home in Gate 4. Maps and directions are available.
Please call 371-2999, or email:
david.wildspiritpassages@gmail.com or
What to bring:*
Appropriate clothing to spend the entire day outdoors (folding/camp chair, hat, sunscreen, water, sack lunch). Hot tea will be provided.
*Donations requested but not required.

Country music legend TERRY ALLEN has been added to the From Marfa to Ireland line-up this Friday night. Please join Marfa Live Arts on Friday, November 8th at 8 p.m. for this special evening of performance and music at the Crowley Theater.

Texas icon and actress Jo Harvey Allen will showcase selections from her latest book "Home Run," in addition to "Beautiful Waitress," her acclaimed one-woman show.

Terry Allen will then take the stage and play an intimate set of his music. “Offering his indelibly original take on outlaw country… Allen’s songs extract strangeness from the known world and use it as a means of acquiring greater knowledge.” (Ben Greenman, “Terry Town.”  The New Yorker March 2013)
Proceeds to benefit Marfa High School and Marfa Live Arts' student playwriting in-school workshop in February 2014. Tickets $10 at the door and online at: www.marfalivearts.org

More in sorrow than in anger… an open letter to Val Beard, Kathy Killingsworth, and Tom Williams:

Whatever happened to serving out the term for which you were elected and letting the voters choose your successor?
    The three of you have contributed a lot to this county and its communities. I know you are experienced and capable and truly care about Brewster County, and I think that for the most part the county government has been well run. (The BCTC I’m not so sure about.)
    But the recent ongoing and obviously well-planned series of resignations and appointments has caused me to lose a little respect for all three of you – because I think you have shown a lack of respect for the voters of Brewster County.
    Kathy and Tom - excuse me - the next county judge whoever she may be and Tom; if you choose to run for your appointed positions next year, you will have to earn our votes. And the best way to do that is to show us that you understand that you are public servants in a democracy – not members of a club that get to decide who gets let in.
    Making a solemn promise not to resign before the end of your term except in the case of serious health and/or family issues would be a good start. So would getting the county website updated – there have been no commissioner’s court meeting minutes posted since July, the agendas that are posted have unhelpful names like “current9” and “current10”, and the Public Records tab simply goes nowhere.
    And a lot of folks work weekdays. How about an occasional evening or weekend meeting? For that matter, a lot of your constituents live 26 or 80 or 100 miles away – why not take the commissioner’s court meetings on the road? There are wonderful county facilities in Marathon and South County that current and past county officials can and should be proud of that could be used for that purpose.
    Judge Beard, I wish you the long and happy retirement you deserve for your years of dedicated service. Kathy and Tom, I thank you for your past service and hope you will continue to serve in whatever capacity the voters choose you for. But let’s try to make sure that Brewster County politics doesn’t appear to be a game of musical chairs in which only a selected few can hear the music and the others never seem to get a seat…

Marufo Mojo

Send your news (and perhaps outraged responses) to terlinguamoon@gmail.com...
Big Bend High School Student Council
will be hosting a Veteran's Day celebration on Monday, November 11 at 8:15 am by the flagpole at the high school. The community is encouraged to attend to honor our veterans.
Terlingua Store had a makeover!
A new computer video bar, more arts and crafts, a beauty salon and a FREE BOX.  Come see the changes!  Terlingua Store has lots of cold beer, ice, sodas, candy, curios and conversation.  Located on the south hill at the junction of Hwy 70 and South County road.  The wind blew down all our signs, but we're still here!
This week at the Starlight:
Tuesday - Nov 12 - Uh Clem
Wednesday - Nov 13 - Tim Relleva
Thursday - Nov 14 - Trevor Reichman
Friday - Nov 15 - Hillie Bills
Saturday - Nov 16 - The VorTexans
Sunday - Nov 17 - Brunch with Jeff Gavin
Monday - Nov 18 - Burger Night with Ramsay Millwood
Tuesday - Nov 19 - Uh Clem
Wednesday - Nov 20 - The Whitmores

This week at the High Sierra:
Friday ~ George Goss and The Showgoats ~ 7pm
Saturday~ Dr. Fun ~ 7pm

We don’t wanna, but we gotta. With the push to finish the Cinnabar Theatre in full swing and busy, busy weekends ahead, Last Minute Low Budget productions is cancelling the Evening of Short Plays scheduled for this weekend. We simply don’t have enough bodies to go around!  But don’t fret! We’re having a fund raiser on December 14 at the Starlight and we’ll perform a few of the short pieces there. Speaking of fund raising ... if you have items for our raffle and/or silent auction, please call Martha at 371-2399.

Farmer’s Market every Sat. 10-2 pm in the Ghostown Community Garden
Sat. Nov. 16th at noon “Composting with a Pro”
Master Composter Carol will be on hand discussing how to build soil and reduce the amount of trash that goes into the landfill, the third in the monthly series of workshops sponsored by the Garden

Patti Manning from Sul Ross will have native plants for sale this Saturday at the farmers market
Enjoy Music with Jeffro Greasewood
A BIG Garden THANK YOU to all that came out on Sunday for the workday
We raise the wall next Sunday, Nov. 17th at 9 am
On the menu for lunch: Chard Lasagna with Summer Squash and as always Cold Beer
The catchment tanks are FULL and Overflowing!!
Come See What’s Growing!

The book signing for Carlton Leatherwood’s Big Bend People is Saturday, 4 pm, at Espresso y Poco Mas. “It is especially a party for all those in the book,” Carl said. Likely participants in the program are Anna Oakley, Jim Keaveny, Carmen Ganser, Nancy Faubion, Voni Glaves, two very special guests, a dog named Tubo, and a goat named Cisco Kid. Noemi Aviles, manager of Poco Mas, will serve cake and other refreshments.
    As for the book, an anonymous comment is “I have learned things I didn’t know about people that I have known forever.” And river guide John Parker said, “Every fresh chapter Carl writes is as unique as the people he interviewed.”

Second Third Saturday Flea Market If the parking lot isn’t like chocolate pudding. If it isn’t cold and windy. If it isn’t raining. See ya at the Flea Market at El Centro/H2O 2 Go ?

Water catchment tank order still open; it is more than half filled now.  Prices are increasing after Dec. 1st.  Call or email us for current prices and to arrange deposit for yours:  elcentro432@gmail.com or 371-2506.

There is an AA meeting on Thursdays at 7:30 pm held at the Big Bend Baptist Church north of West Texas National Bank near the Chili Pepper. Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or to continue to remain sober is welcome. 
    There are also daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Alpine. For more information go to: http://nwta66.org/index.php/schedules/cities/

Terlingua MOON
Vol. 24, No.46                   November 12, 2013              by MaeWestern        
"A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up."
The motion picture Wasteland will be in the area shooting for the next several weeks. On November 20th and 21st, the crew will be shooting scenes at the Perry Mansion which will involve a gun fight. Though the shots may sound real they are in fact known as squibs and are blanks. There is no reason to become alarmed or return fire. It’s all just a bunch of show business make believe.

Terlingua Community Choir will have their second rehearsal Tuesday 11/13/13. We are getting ready for the Christmas Season. We could really use some more singers, and anyone who wants can just sing the melodies of the carols if they don’t sight-read well. Call Ted at 371-2263 or show up at the Terlingua School band room Tuesday at 5:30. See you there!

Thank you everybody for coming out Saturday and cleaning up 21 miles of the Rio Grande from Colorado Canyon to Lajitas. A special thanks to the Presidio High School River Rangers, the Sul Ross Hancock Hill Club, the Fort Leaton Docents, the Big Bend National Park Rangers and Volunteers, the Far Flung Outdoor Center Guides and Angell Expeditions. From Barton Warnock Visitor Center

Georgeanne Freeman, DO of Austin will be in the Terlingua Ghost Town the week of November 18th, taking a few appointments in our underserved community. Osteopathy is a philosophy and form of alternative healthcare that emphasizes the interrelationship between structure and function of the body, as well as the body’s ability to heal itself. For info and appointments, call 512-391-9400, email appointments@freemanmedicalclinic.com
or visit http://freemanmedicalclinic.com/

SHOT TIME LIQUORS - BACK ON THE MARKET & AVAILABLE HERE!– Four Loko 16oz flavored caffeinated malt beverages for $2.79 ea. Lots of new wines to choose from. Many wines under $10. Eggnog is available & the rum is it! Don’t forget; we have fresh, locally made ice!!! Visit us anytime Mon thru Sat 10 to 9. 371-3155 shottimeliquors.com or like us on Facebook!

Viva Yoga taught by Sandi Turvan at Desert Lotus Massage Studio in Study Butte. For more info call/text 512.466.6376 or email sturvan@yahoo.com

Make your plans for Thanksgiving - This year, as in years past, Cowboy Chris invites everyone to gather at the Cowhead Ranch, just 24 miles north of Terlingua on 118, for his 7th annual Thanksgiving Dinner.  There’s always music, lots of great food, and the most interesting people anywhere.  Bring your favorite treat to share or just show up.  Eating time is around 2, but come early and stay late.

Looking to connect? Check out “Our Terlingua,” “Terlingua” and “West Texas-Big Bend-Community” on Facebook.
Need an errand in Alpine? Check out “Alpine Run.” Want to carpool or need a ride? Check out “Big Bend Rideshare.”
Have something to give away, trade or sell?
Need or know of work or housing? Check out “Terlingua Exchange” on Facebook and Yahoo.
There is also a free box at Delia’s Terlingua Store.  Please consider donating at that location to help others in our community.  The phone number there is 371-2487.

Response to Marufo Mojo’s letter in the MOON:
Hello All,
As a 35 year resident of Brewster County (10 in Alpine and 25 here) I have observed without surprise as our local officials have stirred the stew to accommodate what I can only guess to be what they think is best for all of us since we are obviously incapable of making decisions about our elected officials.  In the past in Mexico this process was known as ‘El Dedazo’ or ‘the big finger,’ the incumbent official indicating the party’s successor and candidate, the election to be a mere formality. What a surprise to see PRI politics surface in Brewster County. If you look back far enough you will see that this exact process is how our present County Judge came to be in office. How convenient and how sad. Judge Beard, aren’t you ashamed?

Guess who, Ecampvet
This photo was taken around 1967 before the first Chili Cook-off. This is right in front of the Starlight. Frank X. Tolbert Sr. on left, David Witts on right. Not sure who is in the middle? I'm thinking Rex Ivey but not sure. Can anyone help identify the mysterious man in the middle? 

Photo from Kathleen Tolbert
There will be no Citizenship Prep class held at the Alpine Public Library on Wed., Nov. 27.  Classes will resume Dec. 4, at 7pm. Tony Napolillo, Program Manager, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, presented a check to Paige Delaney, Library Director. The solar array will be installed and dedicated in April, 2014 and is another example of APL’s dedication to sustainability.
The CASI 47th Annual Terlingua International Chili Championship awarded $28,700 to local Terlingua charities, schools, and supporting organizations:
- $2,200 - Sul Ross Rodeo Club - $4,000 - Brewster County - $3,500 - Terlingua Schools - $8,500 - Terlingua EMS / VFD - $ 500 - Terlingua Chamber of Commerce - $4,000 - Terlingua Valedictorian -           Tex Schofield Scholarship - $4,000 - Terlingua Salutatorian -   Friends of CASI/Ancira Scholarship Award - $2,000 - Terlingua Area Scholarship                Match - Terlingua Schools
From us all, THANK YOU CASI so VERY MUCH !
Farmer's Market every Sat.10-2 pm in the Ghostown Community Garden. Enjoy Music this week with Jeff Haislip. New Vendors Every Week!
The Garden has FREE Seeds for your Winter Garden
The Wall is up! We are ready for Winter! Thank you to everyone that lent a hand at the workday on Sunday. Special thanks to Tim Callahan for heading up the project, and Sandy Smith for the tin donation. The Garden has collected $4,000 toward the rain catchment project behind The Starlight we are 1/2 way there folks. We plan to install the 4-3,000 gallon tanks this Spring. Terlingua Community Garden Needs several clean 5 gallon buckets with lids Please drop them off at the garden, or let me know where to pick up cassandrasirena@gmail.com Thank you! 
OTRA VEZ -  Big Christmas Sale Dec. 10, 11 & 12 in our parking lot.  All Toys, Stuffed Animals, Books, Harry Potter Tapes, Christmas Tree, Lights, and Ornaments.  COME EARLY, EVERYTHING IS CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thank you for your Support and your Donations.
Chris Müller will be performing jazz standards, from 6 - 6:30 p.m., mas o menos, with Peter Westfall on guitar and Pam Miller on keyboards - as part of the Big Bend Jazz Consort playing at the Holland on Friday, Nov. 22 (Art Walk).  The Consort will be playing 5-8 p.m. - good music! 
Viva Yoga taught by Sandi Turvan.
Yoga classes have been cancelled for Thanksgiving day. Otherwise, all levels yoga at 9, and gentle yoga at 10:30 on Thursdays. Remember, first class is free! For more info call/text512.466.6376 or email sturvan@yahoo.com.
We will be an honoring Ruth Allbright, a lover of the Big Bend who passed away in December of 2012, with a Song Circle at the St. Agnes Church in Terlingua Ghostown. The community is invited to join us on Thurs, Dec. 5th at 4:30 pm. Bring your favorite gospel/hymn/spiritual song. Celebrate life!
A visitor to Terlingua on Saturday summed it up this way: "What a marvelous gathering of extraordinary people." That was the book signing party for Carlton Leatherwood's Big Bend People at Espresso y Poco Mas. "It was a wonderful turnout of up to 60 people, and I thank everyone, especially those who entertained us," Carl said. "The goat got stage fright, and John Wells said it would be another year before he could ride Ben the bull to a party, but with Carmen Ganser, Nancy Faubion, Jim Keaveny, and Anna Oakley on stage, plus Voni Glaves' introduction of special guests Mike and Cindy Perry, we more than got by."
Espresso…y poco mas located in the Ghostown at La Posada Milagro open daily 7:30am-2pm. Serving best coffee and great food! We will start having soup specials!! Come see us!! WIFI available.
SHOT TIME LIQUORS - Penn Dutch egg nog available for the holidays (the rum is in it!)  Patron 375mL (all flavors) available now (great stocking stuffers).  Now carrying e-cigs in various flavors. BEST DEAL–Patron Reposado 750mL gift packs with a free Patron Citronge 375mL (great margarita pack). Four Loko 16oz flavored caffeinated malt beverages for $2.79 ea.  CLOSED THANKSGIVING DAY & CHRISTMAS DAY!  Gift wrapping available.  We have fresh, locally made ice!  Open Mon thru Sat 10 to 9. 371-3155  shottimeliquors.com or like us on Facebook!
Terlingua artist, Crystal Allbright, will exhibit at Alpine Artwalk 2013 in two locations. She will be joining Cooper Love in the Annex Reading Room at Front Street Books. Reception is Fri, Nov. 22, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. This is the twentieth year for Artwalk, so all the past featured artists will be showing at Trans Pecos Bank, and it is an impressive collection of creativity. Come see all the fantastic art, enjoy the live music, and don’t miss the Austin Bike Zoo.
High Sierra Bar and Grill, now serving fried jalapeno poppers, fried mushrooms, soups, and more! Hank Woji  is back and playing for us Friday the 22nd at 7 pm.  Dr Fun is gonna do it again this Saturday the 23rd at 7pm. Coldest Beer in Town! Friendly Fast Service!
The motion picture Wasteland will be in the area shooting for the next several weeks. On November 20th and 21st the crew will be shooting scenes at the Perry Mansion which will involve a gun fight. Though the shots may sound real they are in fact known as squibs and are blanks. There is no reason to become alarmed or return fire. It's all just a bunch of show business make believe.
At the STARLIGHT this week:
Tuesday - Nov 19 - Uh Clem
Wednesday - Nov 20 - The Whitmores
Thursday - Nov 21 - Laird Considine
Friday - Nov 22 - Hank Woji 5:30pm to 8:30pm
                  La Fenice Vaudeville Spectacular 9pm
Sunday - Nov 24 - Brunch with Hillie Bills
Monday - Nov 25 - Burger Night with Dr. Fun
4- Week Introduction To The Magic Of Council:
Facilitated by David Clark, founder and guide of Wild Spirit Passages
How long has it been since you experienced a safe place to express your truth?
How long has it been since you felt others were listening to you with a deep heart?
Council is an ancient practice of sitting in circle where:
1.  A ceremonial talking stick is used when speaking
2.  We speak from the heart
3.  We listen from the heart
4.  What is said in council stays in council
Assumptions of Council:
*Council is not therapy
*We don't need to be "fixed"
*We don't need more "advice"
*We have the capacity to discover our own inner wisdom and health

Date:  Begins Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Time:  7 p.m. - 9 p.m
Where:  Family Crisis Center
*Donations requested but not required

We are still taking orders for water catchment tanks. Be reminded that prices increase after Dec 1. Call us at home 2506 or email elcentro432@gmail.com

AA meeting - There is an AA meeting on Thursdays at 7:30 pm held at the Big Bend Baptist Church north of West Texas National Bank near the Chili Pepper. Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or to continue to remain sober is welcome. 

Anonymity, pseudonymity  are the norm, especially these days and in many cases, it is a matter of necessity. It is common for those of us commenting on opinion websites, political or social networks go by a nickname or alter-identities. The opinions posted in the Moon in the last couple of editions are widely shared by South Brewster County residents. One need only go to the P.O. parking lot around 2:00 – 3:00 pm on weekdays, and ask  neighbors for ‘honest opinions’ on just about anything, and you can hear plenty of  political and personal viewpoints from all sides. The only hindrance (in some cases) is fear of retaliation by the very people the citizens are unhappy with. Although planned appointments in high places doesn’t seem fair to some citizens – it is not illegal. In other places, special elections are often the solution, but elections cost money.  And, we have all gotten the message that ‘the County is broke’ when help with various problems has been requested. South County residents often feel like the lowest level in the caste system when it comes to our needs versus what a powerful handful wants. When all is said and done, let’s all stress the fact that we are entitled to… no, we  demand … representation that knows us, that listens to and hears us, that approaches us, and that we can approach, that visits our businesses, drops in at our benefits and community get-togethers.

In a community this tight knit, anonymity is not a big deal.  If you don’t know what you think, just ask your neighbor…… South County Mud Clowns

Molly Dumas, a woman who worked in the Park for a short time, began a Kickstarter campaign for the People of Boquillas del Carmen, Coahuila, Mexico. She gave them 30 Kodak Instamatic cameras and told them to photograph their world. These people had never had a camera in their lives, much less played around with taking pictures. The results were phenomenal. We were given the last storefront at ...Artwalk, just 3 doors down from the epicenter of the entire event. We will be selling said photographs, matted, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10 (get them while they last), as well as 2 quilts, some very large scorpions, other copper critters and embroidered hand towels. All proceeds go to the people of Boquillas; some into the hands of the artisans themselves, the generic stuff to help the community. Come see us at Anju's Fine Jewelers, 115 East Holland. Check out the original project video.
South County
Mud Clowns
The Terlingua Moon
Farmer's Market Every Sat. 10-2 pm in The Ghostown Community Garden.  Enjoy Music this Week with Moe & Brandi.  New Vendors  and Produce Every Week!  Pick Up your Garden T-shirt at the market or at the Trading Company.  The Garden is still looking for 5 Gal buckets with lids to help with our composting efforts.
Music Line-up for December
Dec. 7th The Dusty Strings joined by Tim Callahan
Dec. 14th The Whitmores
Dec. 21st Jason Blum (10-noon)
*The 4th in the series of monthly workshops, "Make you own Hand Salves" at Noon Dec. 28th Joe & Trevor

Starlight Theatre Restaurant & Saloon
Monday - Nov 25 - Burger Night with Dr. Fun
Tuesday - Nov 26 - Uh Clem
Wednesday - Nov 27 - The Whitmores
Thursday - Nov 28 - Trevor Reichman 5:00
                                Butch & Rory Hancock 8:00
Friday - Nov 29 - Jason Blum
Saturday - Nov 30 - Brewski Sal Mineo
Sunday - Dec 1 - Red Racer String Band - Brunch
Monday - Dec 2 - Burger Night with Dustin Hamman
Tuesday - Dec 3 - Uh Clem
Wednesday - Dec 4 - The Whitmores

SUNDAY ~ Hangover Jam

This year, as in years past, Cowboy Chris invites everyone to gather at the Cowhead Ranch, just 24 miles north of Terlingua on 118, for his 7th annual Thanksgiving Dinner.  There's always music, lots of great food, and the most interesting people anywhere.  Bring your favorite treat to share or just show up.  Eating time is around 2, but come early and stay late.

Save the date 'cause here's an event you're not want to going to miss!  It's a good, old-fashioned, Terlingua-style fundraiser for our very own Cinnabar Theater!  We've not done this in years so we're pulling out all stops!  Saturday, December 14th at the Starlight, starting at 8 PM!  Watch for Details!!

Scholarship Fund Raiser
Sorry this is late, got my eyes fixed in El Paso last week. We raised $1400 +, Thanks to all especially those who helped me pull it off one more time. Jack won AGAIN at horseshoes, Darren was the short time champ for last years cribbage which was finished this year. Paul Gaddis was the champ for this year, he had to beat Darren twice at the end to win. - Ken Barnes

Catchment Tank Order
NEXT MONDAY is Nov. 31st. That is the latest I can guarantee tank prices at the current price, and I will call the order in early that Monday morning. Your deposit guarantees your tank will be on that order.  If interest grows to building a second load, please call me and arrange for payment THIS week so I can at least get it in by next Monday, as well. I counted deposits for this order, and do not have all that have ordered.  Your deposit/payment check is not cashed until your tank is in your possession, but we cannot carry thousands of $$$ worth of tanks on our credit card indefinitely. Please contact us at 371-2506 or elcentro432@gmail.com
Million sMiles
Vol 24.  No. 48
November 26, 2013
"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul." ~~ John Muir

Tracy Lynch's Exhibit in Marfa
continues through December 1.
Kindred Gestures Exhibition 407
407 W. San Antonio St, HWY 90
Marfa, Texas

I would like to give credit where credit is due for the progress that's been made fixing and updating the Brewster County website. There's still work to be done (the historical commission link?) but things are much better than they were. Thanks to everyone responsible and please keep up the good work - Marufo.

AA meeting on Thursdays at 7:30 pm held at the Big Bend Baptist Church north of West Texas National Bank near the Chili Pepper. Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or to continue to remain sober is welcome.  There are also daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Alpine. For more information go HERE.

Looking to connect? Check out "Our Terlingua", "Terlingua" and "West Texas - Big Bend - Community" on Facebook.  Need an errand in Alpine? Check out "Alpine Run" Want to carpool or need a ride?  Check out "Big Bend Rideshare".  Have something to give away, trade or sell?  Need or know of work or housing?  Check out "Terlingua Exchange" on Facebook and Yahoo.

There is also a free box at Delia's Terlingua Store. Please consider donating at that location to help others in our community.  The phone number there is 371-2487.

North of the O2 Flats also check out "Brewster County Exchange", "Alpine Online Garage Sale" and "West Texas FREE STUFF!" on Facebook and "Brewster Freecycle" and "Brewster County Swap" on Yahoo.

Eight- Week Intro to Mindfulness Meditation
Led by David Clark, Wild Spirit Passages
"Mindfulness practice is simple and completely feasible.  Just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount." - Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
A calm and stable mind is inherent in our basic nature.  Through the practice of meditation, we become more and more aware of this condition of clear mind, and it becomes the basis for our daily experience. David has taught mindfulness meditation with at-risk youth and adults in the wild, and in hospitals with patients and staff.  Join him for the entire eight weeks or just drop in when you can on any Sunday.
Begins: December 1, 2013
Time: Sunday mornings from 9 a.m to 10 a.m (coffee, tea, and light breakfast available).
Place: Home of Wild Spirit Passages (Mary Diesel's home in Gate 4).  Donations requested but not required.  Call 371-2178 or 371-2999 for more info.

The Four-Week Introduction to the Magic of Council begins Wed., Dec. 4 from 7-9 pm at the Family Crisis Center in the Ghost Town. No registration is required. For more information, see www.wildspiritpassages.com, or call David at 371-2178 or 371-2999.

Communication issued Sunday evening to all Rio Grande Electric Coop members
"To all our members that are still without power:
This is Dan Laws. I am in the office at this point checking on all our crews. This ice storm will go down in the history books as the worst ice storm we have experienced in the last 25 years. At this point there is little hope we will restore power to the Queen area tonight. We have spotted upwards of 40 poles on the ground and there is very likely more. Icy conditions have made travel difficult to impossible. We are routing contractor crews to this area right now. "
See more HERE.  BRAVO! both for communicating
AND for ALL you do!  ed.

"There will be no Thanksgiving holiday for electric linemen at Rio Grande Electric Co-op. They will all be working, thanks to a severe ice storm, which has taken a steep toll on the electric cooperative with the largest service territory in the contiguous United States.