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You'll find stark, desolate beauty unlike any other place in the world at Texas' largest state park.
Gary P. Nunn sings about the "Terlingua Sky"
"We don't know what we got when we got it.
We don't know what we're missin' 'till we try it.."
Big Bend Ranch State Park, the largest state park in Texas, encompasses over 300,000 acres of remote desert wilderness. Visitors have plenty of space for hiking, camping, mountain biking, horseback riding and paddling the Rio Grande.
"Moses" and "Jerod"
Villa Terlingua in the Ghostown is available for rent.
Starlight Theatre Presents Brewski Salmineo singing his song "Suenos Con Chaneques" from his album "The Esplanade Tapes".
Solitario in Terlingua
79852   This is a song written by Alex Whitmore and Jason Blum. The video features many friends and favorites here in Terlingua Texas. The video was shot, edited and produced by Jessica Lutz of Marfa Texas.

Real Country Music. If you like Waylon, Willie, and outlaw country music, you're going to love George Goss. "Ain't No Honky Tonks in Jail" is pure Texas Americana Music written from George's life. Anna Oakley played fiddle and Pat O'Brian did the video. This is what Nashville ought'a be. Get more Real Country Texas Americana Music from George at http://reverbnation.com/georgegoss
Our neighbors to the north.
Alex and Moses, Terlingua Porch, Texas
Voices From Both Sides
Alex Whitmore and Terlingua musicians gather for a tribute to Glenn Felts, owner of La Kiva, in loving memory.
Open Mic has been going on in Terlingua, Texas at La Kiva Resturant/Bar for over 17 years. The untimely death of Glen Felts who owned La Kiva did not stop the tradition. R.I.P. Glen!
Four outlaws and a female bounty hunter follow a path of violence and murder along the Texas/Mexico border, only to discover overlapping pasts.
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Terlingua Has An Internet Radio Station!
Voices Radio is affiliated with Voices From Both Sides. This is a community effort to advance the border culture of the Texas Big Bend and Mexico. 

*  Cynta Narvaez reads the weekly Terlingua Moon.
*  Showcases local musicians
*  Local news and events
*  Highlights of local businesses

Click here for Voices Radio from downtown Ghostown, Terlingua, Texas  79852
Big Bend Doughnuts
mobile doughnut factory
We are making doughnuts every Sunday morning.  Fresh Folger's coffee & doughnuts are available 6:00 AM until 2:00 PM. at the brown trailer in the Study Butte R.V. Park, across the road from Cottonwood Store.  Try our "Pigs In A Blanket" sausage and cheese in a bun!

Folger's Coffee
Chocolate Dipped
Apple Fritter
Cinnamon Roll
Cherry Jelly Filled
Lemon Filled
Custard Filled
Custard Chocolate Eclair
Bear Claw w/Apple filling
Voices From Both Sides, Trevor & Danny Hickle. Chase Peeler, Charlotte Teel, Laird Considine.

Voices From Both Sides,
Voices From Both Sides
High Sierra
Thursday, June 5 (7:30 pm pregame)
“Beat the Heat” Spurs vs. Miami Heat
Friday, June 6 (8pm)  Jeffro Greasewood
Saturday, June 7 (8pm)Uh Clem
Sunday, June 8 (2:00 pm) Jim and Anna then
Game 2 Spurs vs. Miami Heat (7pm)

Guided Hike on Saturday, June 7 (8am – 10 am)
Come join us for a Guided Hike on Dog Cholla Trail across Barton Warnock Visitor Center. We will be celebrating American Hiking Society's National Trails Day by walking the 1.4 mile trail and observing the desert plants along the way. Please bring plenty of water, walking shoes, wide brimmed hat, long sleeve shirt, sunglasses and sunscreen, Summer rate entry permit is $3.00. Call 424-3327 for more info.

Free Box
What's going on with "Free Box / Free Porch?" Well, until a permanent location has been decided upon the majority has voted to have a monthly "FREE Market." Bring all your stuff, exchange/trade/haggle, etc..., and what is left over will be loaded up immediately and donated to Paso Lajitas or Boquillas. NOTHING will be left behind...  So please be respectful in helping pick up everything. Contact Ronda for more information.

“We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us” - Virginia Satir

Election Thank You
Many thanks to the folks who worked to make the election happen last Tuesday at the Community Center: Terry Ervin, Suzy Ervin, Julianne Braun, Resa Callahan, Josiah Dilts - who drove down from Double Diamond just to help out, and Elizabeth Madrid - who took time out from her hectic schedule of final exams and presentations in her very last week of high school - thanks and congrats, Elizabeth!

Voter Statistics
With 539 registered voters in Precinct 6, we had over 35% turnout (I didn't write down how many republican voters voted during early and absentee voting, but the 35% includes all who voted Democrat and those who voted in the Republican runoff in person on election day.) 
    In Precinct 7 (those who live south of 170), there are 127 registered voters, and over 34% turnout.  These numbers can be compared to the approx. 24% turnout county-wide (based on the Sec of State website for election returns - 20% Dem, 4% Rep) and 6.98% turnout statewide (1.47% Dem, 5.51% Rep). 
    Big thanks to all who voted!  Please encourage all your neighbors to come out and vote in the general election in November.

Submissions terlinguamoon@gmail.com by Mondays 12 noon.

Terlingua Senior wins scholarship
Last Minute Low Budget Productions of Terlingua has awarded its annual scholarship to Russel “Rusty” Melvin son of Lori Melvin (employee of the Cottonwood) of Terlingua and Russell Melvin of Pennsylvania.

LOST: Silver bead bracelet with a center turquoise bead and a flat-bar/ring clasp. The bar is engraved with a pattern. It was lost in or around the Starlight or the parking lot on Friday night 5/23rd, when the glass blowers were there. REWARD for its' return to Barbara Taylor 371-2621

Voices from Both Sides (Link for article)

One Day at a Time
AA is not affiliated with any religious organization but is grateful to the Big Bend Baptist Church (north of the post office) for allowing us to meet there. Thursdays at 6:30 pm  (Open Beginners) and 7:30 pm  (Closed Discussion). Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or remain sober is welcome. Literature is available in our local library.  Carpooling may be available to Alpine AA (Wednesdays) and Al-Anon (Thursdays) meetings.  Contact phone numbers are posted on the church doors.

Otra Vez Thrift Store
Our additional building has been delivered and we are very excited to complete the inside. Wednesday, June 4th we are having Dollar Day ($1) from 9 am to noon.  Hope to see you there.

Water Catchment - There is still room on the current truck-load of water catchment tanks. Wylie Tanks are the highest quality available. Tanks are sales tax free, freight cost free - and arrive in a matter of days once the order fills. We don't cash your deposit until your tank(s) is in your possession.  Thanks to all - the Burrs (432) 371-2506

India's Cooking
Homemade Breads, Jelly, Jam, Spicy And Hot Pickles, Hot Chow Chow Relish and Hot Salsas can be found at the Cottonwood, Bad Rabbit and Needful Things.

Thank you for your support and concern when I was hurt. What a wonderful community we live in. Sincerely, Kim Hall

Mental Health Is Not Out Of Reach
We all have feelings at times in our life that can be overwhelming. Professional services are far away and can also be expensive. There is an internationally known self-help program that has on-line chat meetings and also telephone meetings. For more information call (866) 221-0302 or go to www.lowselfhelpsystems.org  Some of their books can now be found in our local library in English and Spanish.

Terlingua Tool Rental
We have a carpet cleaner coming to our inventory soon. Hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm. Call our # if you need a different pick-up / delivery time. Owner, Jimmy Taylor 371-2621

Shot Time Liquors
FIRESALE on Select 55, Beck's Sapphire, Goose Island...  Johnny Bootleger 200ml (get Melon or Raspberry Shot for only a buck with any purchase).  Mon - Sat 10 to 9. 432-371-3155.

An evening with Beth Garcia
Date: Jun. 6, 2014 7-9pm at the Alpine Public Library, 805 West Avenue E in Alpine. Join us for mystery and intimate conversation with the award-winning author of “One Bloody Shirt at a Time,” Beth Garcia. Beth will be signing books, so bring your copy!  There will be a limited number of books for sale. This is a nonprofit fundraiser and all proceeds benefit the library. Please call the library for more information 432-837-2621.

Posada Milagro temporarily closed their coffee shop June 4th due to a malfunction of the refrigerator.  We are in the process of cooking and restocking ALL fresh produce, condiments and other refrigerated items.  We are awaiting deliveries from our suppliers but the refrigerator was fixed in the evening. We'll be open by Saturday the 7th for sure.
Thanks as always for your patronage.  Please help pass the word and hope to see you this weekend!  Mimi, Noemi, Maggie, Sharron, Priscilla & Maria.

Terlingua MOON

Vol. 25 No.23June 2, 2014by:  Babbling Brook
“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure – which is: Try to please everybody.” - H.B. Swope
Photo by Terry Anderson
Home burned to the ground
Dr. Sam & Dani's motor home (their primary residence) and the AirStream behind it, burned to the ground June 4th.  They were out of town when this tragedy struck, and were contacted the 5th with the horrible news.
An outstanding quality of South County folks is, that when our neighbors fall upon disasters of any kind, the members of this Community Family unite to do all we can for the victims. Sadly, the time has come again for us all to help our own.
Sam and Dani have done so much for the Community, for us, and for our beloved animals. They need us all during this tragic time in their lives.
An account at WTNB is to be opened...  They had no insurance!!!!!!!

Local Entertainment

High Sierra Bar and Grill
Come into Spurs Central.
Game 3 Tuesday, June 10 @ 8pm.
Game 4 Thursday, June 12 @ 8pm.
Friday, June 13 @ 8pm Jeff Haislip
Game 5 Sunday, June 15 @ 8pm.
Big screen TV to watch the action and food and beverage specials every game night!
Sunday, June 15 @ 2pm Hung-over Open Mic with your host Jeffro Greasewood.  Come on in and sing us a song!

Far Flung Adventures:  Taos
Sam Richardson reports that Far Flung is up and running in Taos. A late-season snow and some good rains have brought the Rio up and Flung boatmen are able to the run the Taos Box, one of northern New Mexico’s primo river trips. Up from Terlingua are Billy Blackstock, Maria Blosser, Catfish Callaway and Richard Nance. And former Terlinguaseño, and now a Taos resident, Hank Mosakowski (aka Hank-O) is rowing boats again and is running the Box as well. There was one Ken Barnes sighting recently but, according to reports, “Barnesy” has returned to South County. Further details as they occur.

Just reminding you about the Viva Terlingua Fest
all the info on the festival can be found at
songwriting contest, film contest, photography contest (enter now!), live music and film screenings all four days - aug 14-17
wrist bands "early bird special" $10 for all four days.

Last day to vote for mayor of Lajitas is June 15
you can vote online: 

Terlingua Common School District is looking to hire:
* Social Studies Teacher Grades 4 - 7
* Physical Education / Coach Grades 5 -12
* 2nd Grade Teacher
* High School Science Teacher
* Full time Custodian
Call 432-371-2281 or go on line to get further information.

Power Outages and the RGEC
We have had a few lightning events lately and the season will soon be upon us.   So here are some guidelines for how to call Rio Grande Electric to report one.
“While it’s true that RGEC does have equipment that can detect voltage anomalies, when your power goes out, it’s always advisable to call in the outage.  Don’t assume that your neighbor has called.  Being prepared with your meter number speeds the process, and gets the service crews to you as soon as possible. Describing what happens before the outage can help. Telling us if blinks occurred, or if  lights seemed to get dimmer or brighter, may be useful.  Remember to check your breakers before reporting an outage.  It is possible that your outage is within your own electrical system.
And finally… “Arcing is another issue with which we struggle in dry weather, just because dust forms on the insulators, and even the slightest amount of precipitation - or even humidity - can form a goop with the dust which disrupts the use of the insulator.  An arcing line puts off a distinctive blue glow.  This situation is the cause of many pole top fires.  The arcing can be seen day or night.   If you see arcing, call us immediately (as power outage is imminent) with the location of the pole.  The RGEC phone number, to be duly noted by you forthwith and to be used for any electrical emergency, is 1-800-749-1509.  Operators are standing by…  Even at midnight on Christmas.

The Terlingua school board will meet at 4:30 on Wednesday at the high school. If you are concerned about our school and our students, PLEASE plan to attend.

Lajitas Border Opening Petition
Hey,  the petition to open the border is at the Chili Pepper. Please stop by & sign it as Collie will be bringing a copy to our friends in San Carlos- she will be leaving Friday so please stop by this week & sign it.

SHOT TIME LIQUORS -   FIRESALE on Select 55, Beck's Sapphire, Goose Island...  Johnny Bootleger 200ml (get Melon or Raspberry Shot for only a buck with any purchase).  Mon - Sat 10 to 9. 432-371-3155.

TERLINGUA TOOL RENTAL We're ready to help you with those "to do" lists with the right TOOLS! Jimmy Taylor, owner 371-2621

The truck-load of catchment tanks is full, and the order has been called in as of last Friday. Delivery should be a week from Monday, June 16th. The truck usually arrives between 3 & 5 p.m. Those with special drop needs, please call and remind us.  And we have ordered extra valves and filters. Let us know if you need them. 371-2506

Community Information

Dr. Sam & Dani's motor home (their primary residence) and the AirStream behind it, burned to the ground Wednesday night.  They were out of town when this tragedy struck, and were contacted this morning, Thursday, with the horrible news.
One of the outstanding qualities of South County folks is that when disaster strikes, the members of this Community/Family unite to do all we can for the victims. Sadly, the time has come again for us all to help our own.
Sam and Dani have done so much for the Community, for us, and for our beloved animals. They need us all during this tragic time in their lives.  An account at WTNB has been opened to help them...they had no insurance!!!!!!!
Please pass this message on to your social media friends to let as many people know about the news and bank account.   Thanks for any help you can be.

Dani and Sam:  We are OK!
We had most of our clothing etc. down at the office and We have the rental trailer to live in so are good there too. We will be heading home soon. We really appreciate all the concern and offers of help that all our friends  and neighbors have made but we really don't know how things stand till we get home. Please let folks know that our phone died while on the road and that we have a new one headed our way, and that is why no one could reach us. The number will be the same but please give us a little time to start returning calls. We are SOOOOOO, lucky to live in Terlingua, and really look forward to seeing every one. Looking on the bright side , we get all new stuff!  We love you all and can't wait to show you all how much we appreciate YOU ALL. Sam, Dani & Buckwheat.

More Alpine Public Library Programs
APL’s new solar array is producing at near full capacity!  Want to learn about renewable energy?  On Saturday, June 28,  from 1-3pm, Bennett Jones will present a free two-part solar power workshop at APL. 
PART 1: 1-2p.m. Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic including Site Considerations, Basic Design, Equipment Selection, Financial Incentives, Tax Credits, Interconnection and Installers
PART 2: 2-3p.m. Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic including  Site Considerations, Basic Design, Equipment Selection, The Care and Feeding of Batteries, and DIY -vs- Professional Installation
Bennett Jones is a co-founder of Alpine Solar Sales.  After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Bennett spent 17 years living aboard sailboats. The boats became Bennett's test beds for integrated systems designs, taking off-grid living concepts to the extreme. He then moved ashore to Alpine and now works in co-operation with Alpine Furniture Store to bring Off-Grid and renewable energy products to the Big Bend area.
Stop by APL this week and pick up your free solar power magnet!!

That silver bracelet Barbara Taylor lost is still missing. Little does the culprit know that it is designed to exude a steady stream of libido depleting saltpeter into their bloodstream at midnight tonight.  Return it or its curtains for you!  The antidote can only be found in South Brewster County, so you’re going to have to drive all the way back down here, with that bracelet,  if you are ever going to enjoy sex again. 

Citizenship Preparation Program
Are you ready to navigate the US Naturalization Process?  You might be eligible for citizenship.  During June, APL will begin US Citizenship preparation classes free of charge.  Stop by the library today to sign up!  805 West Avenue E.  For more information about these and other library programs, please call 432-837-2621, or check our website, alpinepubliclibrary.org

School Board of Trustees
August 18 is the filing date for anyone who will run for a seat on the Terlingua Common School Board of Trustees. To file please call Bobbie Jones at the school at 432-371-2281.
The election will be conducted by the school, so those interested must contact the school for a candidate packet before August 18.
In an email to the Gazette, Jones was enthusiastic and hoped anyone interested in running would call her or visit the school.
Requirements to run are:
Residence — 1 year in state and 6 months in school district prior to filing deadline (Texas Elec. Code, Section 141.001(a); Brown v. Patterson, 609 SW 2nd 287)
Age — 18 years or older.
Must be a registered voter at time of election. Language of statute says “qualified voter” but see Oser v. Cullen 435 S.W. 2nd 896 (Tex. Civ. App. Houston [1st Dist.] 1968
The Terlingua Moon

June 10, 2014 ~ Vol. 25 No.24
Every man for himself so that all can be saved.
                                                                          Jose Salamago
by:  La Catrina
High Lonesome movie filmed around Marfa and the Big Bend in 1950.
Terlingua Texas Americana - Trevor Hickle - "World of an Outlaw" and "Chalo."
Walls Divide - Terlingua, Texas Americana Music
The Terlingua Moon
June 24, 2014 ~ VOL. 25 #26
“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”
– Maya Angelou
Tue 6/24  - Uh Clem
Thurs 6/26  - Moses
Mon 6/30 - Burger Night with The Whitmores
Tues 7/1 - Uh Clem

Saturday, June 28, 2014....Mo and Brandi
Sunday, June 29, 2014...Hang Over Sunday Open Mic....2:00pm...Jefro Host

A hearty thank you to the community that showed up to make Dr. Sam and Dani's Benefit such a huge success. Without your support we could not have done it. Thank you community businesses that contributed to this event: Big Bend Motor Inn, Chili Pepper Cafe and Cottonwood General Store. Thanks goes out to those of Big Bend Baptist Church members and friends that worked so hard to put this together and who served in the back ground.  Also, there is a special account for donations to Sam and Dani Bottenfield at WTNB here in Terlingua.  There's a PayPal "donate" button for Doc Sam and Dani at http://terlinguamusic.com/fire-in-the-ghost-town-terlingua-june-4-2014/
Donations can be made via Terlinguacares.com, as well – every penny will go to the Bottenfields.

* Social Studies Teacher Grades 4 - 7
* Physical Education / Coach Grades 5 -12
* 2nd Grade Teacher
* High School Science Teacher
* Full time Custodian
Call 432-371-2281 or go on line to get further information. http://www.terlinguacsd.com

Come by for all your tool needs 720 S County Road.   Jimmy Taylor 371-2621

Ruth Staton, president of the Big Bend Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber is sponsoring activities for the fourth year in Terlingua/Study Butte Friday, July 4.
American Legion Commander Robert Dawson said coffee and donuts will be offered starting at 9 a.m. at the Study Butte Community Center behind the post office and the parade will move out at 10:30 a.m., wind through Terlingua and out State Highway 170 before turning back and ending where it started. Monetary prizes will be awarded for floats and other parade participants.
Back at the Community Center, the Legion will have a fundraiser luncheon, serving barbecue hamburgers or hot dogs. Fire Department EMS Administrator Alan Baker said there will an evening of family fun, gathering at 6 p.m. Friday. There will be hot dogs and trimmings, soft drinks, snow cones, cotton candy along with live music by local musicians.
There also will be games for kids including water slides, live music with local musicians and others. Proceeds from the events benefit community outreach programs.

Another load of rain catchment tanks has begun to form. Call 371-2506 or elcentro432@gmail.com

On the evening of June 12th, a wild land fire was spotted in the vicinity of Lost Mine Peak in Big Bend National Park.  Lightning is the presumed cause of the fire, which grew to a total of 5-acres.
Initial response included Big Bend National Park fire crew members that monitored and assessed the fire.  Additional fire resources were requested, and included an air attack aircraft and an incident commander.
While the fire was actively burning, the nearby Lost Mine Trail was closed to the public as a precaution.  The trail reopened on June 15th, when the fire was 100% contained and controlled, and put into monitoring status.
For additional information, please call Fire Information Officer, David Elkowitz, at 432-477-1108.

Just a reminder to everyone.  Becoming Fine Art is now offering automotive (diesel and gasoline,) heavy equipment, motorcycle, four wheeler and all sorts of other repair. Antonio is filling up spots quickly.  Give us a call at 371-2694 or stop by. He can fix just about everything except a broken heart.

Anyone interested in amateur radio (aka HAM radio) is invited to come spend all or part of Field Day with the Big Bend Amateur Radio Club this coming weekend, June 27 - 29th at the Double Diamond clubhouse (approx. 6 miles south of Alpine on the west side of 118).   Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, we'll be setting up the radios, antennas and related gear.  From 1pm Saturday until 1pm Sunday, we'll be working around the clock to contact as many other amateur radio operators as possible.  Field Day is a nation-wide event that is part emergency preparedness exercise, part introduction to ham radio for the public, and part social event.  More info at

LA POSADA MILAGRO (ESPRESSO Y POCO MAS) is open daily from 7:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m. through the summer months.  Come visit us!

NEXT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING is scheduled for Monday June 30th at 7 a.m. Public invited.
Everyone possible needs to attend the meeting. We all need to show that we are interested in their actions and decisions. One item of importance is the adoption of a permanent, reasonable meeting time and day that will avoid discouraging so many who would otherwise attend.  It matters not if you have children enrolled in the school; Texas State law states, repeatedly, "The Community" - not just tax-payers or parents. Also, if you want to view any past actions, minutes, budgets, etc., call Superintendent Bobbie Jones with your request. She will send you a registered letter asking what dates, times and specifically what you want to view.

(Last Thursday of each month) 6pm at the Horse Shoe Pit. Bring anything you don't want....and trade with others. Please be respectful...no dirty clothes or trash items.

As part of the Obama Administration's commitment to rural communities, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced yesterday that 56 local governments in Colorado will receive a total of $34,530,642 under the 2014 Payments in Lieu of Taxes
Brewster County's Payment $1,194,576
Number of Federal Acres 561,073


There are three weekly local AA meetings held at the Big Bend Baptist Church (north of the Post Office): Thursdays at 6:30 pm (Beginners) and 7:30 pm (Closed Discussion) and Sundays (Big Book/Step) at 6:00 p.m. AA is not affiliated with any religious organization and is for anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or to continue to remain sober. Our local library has many AA, NA and Al-Anon books both in English and Spanish. For daily meetings in Alpine call (432) 837-5590. There are also all kinds of meetings on line.  Just Google.  :)


U.S. Congressman Pete Gallego revealed a plan today to resume USDA inspections at the expansive cattle inspection facility in Ojinaga, just across the border from Presidio on June 23.
The USDA stopped using the facility in 2012 due to "security issues". Local leaders in Presidio and Ojinaga have said it is crippled the cattle industry there. A smaller facility that has been used for inspections in Presidio makes it less economical for cattle to cross, according to ranchers.
"People ask us every day, when are the cattle coming back?” said Presidio Cattle Broker Salvador Baeza.
“These inconsistencies are crippling us and favoring Santa Theresa,” said Presidio City Special Projects Director Carlos Nieto, noting that inspections on the Mexican side of the border are allowed in some cities.


Namaste y’all!

Terlingua MOON
Vol. 25, No. 31               July 29, 2014                by MaeWestern
“I meant to behave but there were too many other options.” —unknown
This week at the Starlight:
Tuesday, July 29 Uh Clem
Thursday, July 31 Moses
Friday, August 1 Dr. Fun
Monday, August 4 Burger Night with Laird Considine
Tuesday, August 5 Uh Clem

This week at the High Sierra:
7pm, Friday, August 1 Welcome back Jason Blum!
7pm, Saturday, August 2 Terlingua’s own Dr. Fun
2:30p, Sunday, August 3 Jeff Haislip hosts Hangover Sunday Jam
8pm, Friday, August 8 The Amazing Ali Holder with Daniel Thomas Phipps from Austin

Eldorado Hotel
The Eldorado Hotel has special room rates available for the Viva Terlingua Music Fest, Aug. 13-18. Call 432-371-2111 for reservations and information.

It’s right around the corner, folks! The Viva Terlingua Fest! (aka The Festival at the End of the Universe) is happening August 14-17 and will feature films, exhibitions and some of the best MUSIC around. Bands and musicians will perform at Lajitas Golf Resort and the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua. For more info (including how to get your festival bracelets), visit https://viva-terlingua.com.

Burn Ban Lifted
Officials in Brewster County have decided to lift the burn ban. The decision was made after the county received some much needed rain over the past several weeks. Keep dancing for rain! County Commissioners have the authority to reinstate the burn ban at any time.

Terlingua CSD
The Terlingua CSD is now accepting applications to be on the ballot for two school board positions. For more information, call the school.

Terlingua Tool Rentals. The only place in South Country to get most any construction tool you could use! Jimmy Taylor 371-2621

Tom Williams resigns as County Commissioner
Tom Williams has resigned his position as Brewster County Commissioner Pct. 2 and also has withdrawn his name from the Nov. 4 General Election ballot. The Brewster County Democratic Party Executive Committee has responsibility for nominating a Democratic candidate for that position to appear on the Nov. 4 General Election ballot. Since his resignation leaves no nominees from either party for the position, the Brewster County Republican Party Executive Committee may also nominate a candidate from their party. Therefore, anyone interesting in being considered as a nominee for either the Democratic or Republican candidate for County Commissioner Pct. 2 in the Nov. 4 General Election should notify the party chair of their desire to be considered. These nominations must be determined by Aug. 20, 2014. Prospective Democratic candidates should immediately contact Mary Bell Lockhart at 512-422-4984 and prospective Republican candidates should contact Monica McBride at 432-386-5245.

Brewster County Democratic Executive Committee
A meeting of the Brewster County Democratic Executive Committee was called by County Chairman Mary Bell Lockhart on July 25. The following were appointed as Precinct Chair positions to the Executive Committee: Precinct 6: Lovika De Koninck; Precinct 7: Marcos Paredes; and Precinct 8: Estella Vega.

Water Tanks
As of Monday, 28th - the tank order was placed. This load is light, one tank, but will be shipped anyway. It will take a couple of days for our load to actually be in line and loaded, so - if you want a 1,750 now it can be added to this load no later than Thursday morning. Call 2506 and we’ll get yours included.

Writer’s Workshop at Alpine Library
The Alpine Public Library is honored to host Texas Writes, a statewide program founded and administered by the Writers’ League of Texas that bring accomplished authors to rural libraries for a half day of workshops and panel discussions. The Friday, August 8 event, which is free and open to the public, will feature award-winning writer Carol Dawson, author of four critically acclaimed novels, including House of Plenty, the story of Luby’s Cafeteria, and celebrated poet and editor Scott Wiggerman, a three-time Pushcart nominee, author of the poetry books Presence and Vegetable and Other Relationships, and chief editor of Dos Gatos Press.
Dawson and Wiggerman are familiar faces to the Big Bend writing community, as they spend one week each year teaching at the Writers’ League of Texas Summer Writing Retreat held at Sul Ross State University.
For Texas Writes, Wiggerman will be discussing “Tell It Slant: Power of the Metaphot,” while Dawson will be discussing “Pickling Memory, Salting Tradition, Preserving the Past: The Art of Researching and Writing Your Own Story, Your Family’s Stories, and The Lives of Your Community.”
The Friday, Aug. 8 Texas Writes will be held 10 am to 1 pm at the Alpine Public Library. Advance registration is encouraged and can be made at 432-837-2621. Refreshments will be provided.

24-Hour Plays—Call for Participants
Marfa Live Arts will once again showcase this region’s (and beyond) best writers, actors and directors during the 24 Hour Plays on Saturday, August 16th.
The concept is simple: participants write, direct, rehearse and perform six one-act plays within a twenty-four hour period. It’s fast-paced, creative fun. On Friday, August 15th at 8pm, all interested actors, writers, directors and technical crew are encouraged to meet at the Crowley Theater in Marfa, no previous experience is necessary to join the team.
Participants will be divided into groups of writers, actors, etc. and given the basic outline for the next 24 hours. Writers will have Friday night to write their 7-10 minute play, which is due at 6am Saturday morning. Actors and directors then meet at 8am, receive their scripts and have the day to rehearse. When Saturday evening arrives, time is up and it’s show time!
If you’d like to participant please email marfa.live.arts@gmail.com and plan to attend the Friday night meeting. The entire community is invited to attend the free performance on Saturday, Aug. 16th at 8pm at the Crowley Theater in Marfa.
Becoming Fine Art
Do not ignore sounds being made by your car. Many issues can be identified just by the sounds of your car. If you’re able to describe a particular sound to the mechanic, you may save some time and money because the problem will be easier to diagnose. If you are happy with the work done at a particular repair shop, be a loyal customer. Making sure that you’re familiar with who is working on your car is going to help you to be sure they’re doing good work. This may also give you discounts on future jobs.
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The End of An Era: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Most of you know me as Ken, or Barnes, fossil guy, dinosaur, etc. I have lived in the Terlingua area since 1969. I was the land surveyor with Urban Engineering for Terlingua Ranch development, river boatman at Villa de la Mina, later the Brewster County Surveyor (at Lajitas I surveyed all of the land for Walter Mischer, built 5 subdivisions and the first sewage system, Walter Mischer and I designed and built the first golf course/fun course, etc.). I was a boatman for Far Flung Adventures and fossil guy.
In 1986+ I began seriously working on dinosaur dig sites and studied paleontology on the Gaddis property an time I had spare time. My first fossil display was in the Terlingua Jail House for a while. My second museum was where Many Stones is now.
My third museum was in an old school bus. My fourth museum was on the boardwalk at Lajitas; they needed that space, so in 2002 Steve R. Smith built for me the large building one mile east of the airport that was my museum and laboratory open for the enjoyment and education of the public until May 2014.
This May, Scott Beasley (WSB Resorts and Clubs, LLC) shut my museum down because I did not have a lease agreement with them. I have evidence that I tried to get a lease agreement from their first management and I never got one. How many different managements have they had? I lost count.

Now it gets even more stupid.
Beasley and the professor from UTD (read July Big Bend Gazette) plan on building a fancy paleontology museum and research facility in Lajitas. Where are they going to get fossils for this?
They came up with the stupid idea that they can get the Shuler Museum of Paleontology, SMU, to give them the Mosasaur fossils that I recovered from the Mischer Lajitas property with permission from Walter Mischer when he owned the property (we have a letter from the Executive Vice President of Mischer Investments backing me).
A few years back I donated those fossils to SMU, a proper repository, for scientific study and documentation. We have several scientific papers published on them.
SMU put me back in charge of the fossils and Beasley showed up at my lab and demanded I agree to give them the fossils. It is unethical and I did not agree to this. He therefore told me I had to get off the property and I did. I am sorry for the damage that man has done to Lajitas with his action.

No more Mosasaur Ranch Museum.
Several years ago, all of the dinosaur fossils, not marine fossils, were donated by me and that Gaddis family to the Texas Memorial Museum Collection in Austin TX. I was still in charge of of them and when this came down I had no choice but send them to TMM.
Thanks for the years of support from everyone. See my website at mosasaurranchmuseum.com and my journal, bigbendpaleogeo.com.
Ken Barnes, kbarnes@bigbend.net

UTEP Professor Develops Chagas Vaccine
If you had your blood drawn, or collected bugs for them during the years that the UTEP (and other) researchers came here, then your blood helped make a significant medical breakthrough. Read the article HERE.

Big Bend National Park #5 of Ten Best
Big Bend National Park was selected as number five in a recent USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice contest of national parks to visit. The link to the top ten parks is HERE.

Kickball Tournament
Get your team together now for a Kickball Tournament fundraiser at Kokernot Baseball Park on August 16! Sign up any day during business hours at 4i’s Optical, at 710 E. Holland Ave. #5. Teams are co-ed and the entry fee is $130 per team. The deadline to sign up is August 7, 2014. There will be a $400 cash prize to the first place winning team! All proceeds benefit the Alpine Public Library. Email Dr. Perla Bermudez for more information: drperlab@ymail.com

Medical Database Training
Join us Aug. 1 from 10 am until noon at the Alpine Public Library for a free demonstration of our medical databases by Erik Wilkinson from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. These resources are available free at the library and can help you find reliable information about your medical concerns.

National Park tourism boosts local economy
A new National Park Service report shows that 316,952 and 43,277 visitors respectively to Big Bend National Park and Fort Davis National Historic Site in 2013 spent a total of $29 million in the two local park communities. That spending supported a combined 384 jobs in the local area.
“National park tourism is a significant driver in the national economy--returning $10 for every $1 invested in the National Park Service--and it’s a big factor in our local economy as well,” said BBNP superintendent Cindy Ott-Jones. “We appreciate the partnership and support of our neighbors and are glad to be able to give back by helping to sustain local communities.
According to the 2013 economic analysis, most visitor spending was for lodging (30.3 percent), food and beverages (27.3 percent), gas and oil (12.1 percent), admissions and fees (10.3 percent), and souvenirs and other expenses (10 percent). The largest jobs categories supported by visitor spending were restaurants and bars and lodging. To download the report, visit HERE.