Terlingua Moon - May 2013
The Commedia Robin Hood, Last Minute Low Budget’s latest production, will be performed this Thursday at 7 pm on the La Kiva patio and then at 9 pm at the Starlight Theatre, before shows the next day at the Terlingua and San Vicente schools. Come see the merry troupe (Columbine, Arlequin, Punchin and Rosetta) tackle, tumble, trick and trip their way through the tale of Robin Hood with fantastic abandon. Get ready for action-packed clowning with puppets, singing, patter verse and mock combat in this unforgettable adaptation. No admission charge but we will be passing the hat afterwards - your donations will help cover the cost of doing the show for the schoolkids!

Please join us at the Community Garden for the “Give Time Together” volunteer campaign sponsored by my employer.  We picked our local favorite Terlingua Community Garden to donate our time. Monday, May 13th, 3:30 pm to dark. Sabre Holding (Travelocity) annual global volunteer campaign during the week of May 13th-May 17th. This year there are 300 volunteer events taking place in 30 countries on 5 continents. Please join Julie and Tim McKenna, Julianne Braun, Kevin and Zoey to help build bee hives. It’s quite the buzz!! Potluck dinner ~  dish or snacks as desired to share. Bring your hat, gloves, painting/work clothes, hand tools, drinks, chairs. We look forward to having you join us at the Terlingua Community Garden in the Ghost Town for this international event! Take your picture with the gnome.

From El Centro/H2O 2 Go: WYLIE & Son, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company in continuous operation since 1930. Their primary markets and interests lie in the Southwestern United States. Their black or white polyethylene tanks are FDA approved for potable water storage. The finest FDA approved, virgin resins molded into a 1.5 specific gravity (SG) tank, result in a tank that will perform year after year. A truck-load order is beginning to fill now. Call us with any questions you might have about our tanks, specifications and pricing. If you are expecting to be included on this order, make sure we have current contact information and that we have a deposit of at least 50%. The 2499# is inactive; call our home: 3712506. If no answer, leave a message and we will get back to you. We sincerely appreciate your business. Thanks, The Burrs

Want to pick up chicks? Many Stones has more chicks hatched on May Ist. $3.00 each.

Come join us at Earth and Fire Imports/Gallery, located in downtown Terlingua ghostown, for two art openings in May. Monday, May 13th will feature original oil paintings by Pam Ware.
Reception is 4-7pm. This will be the first public showing of her work.
Otra Vez Thrift Store has received a gracious donation from Dave Fricker of some needed gravel for our driveway. We are asking for a volunteer(s) who can haul and dump the gravel at Otra Vez. You can contact Dave at 371-2189. We appreciate any help from the community. Otra Vez will be open this week on Wed. morning while the crew is working and Tues., Wed., and Thurs. afternoons from 2 til 4. We still have 2 sewing machines, lots of new items and  a free rack. Donations on Wed. mornings only please.  Look for a big bag sale soon! Thanks everyone!

Second Saturday Flea Market & Porch Sale this coming Sat. the 11th at H2O to Go, corner of Hwy. 118 and School Rd.   8 am til you’re sold out!  Weather permitting.  Free setup.  Clean out that closet and storage building!

If you want to keep up with what’s happening in Boquillas, CLICK HERE Lots of good information and you can sign up for regular updates, but you’re always welcome--”always” meaning Wednesdays through Sundays--to visit Boquillas and spend some money there!

Wild Burro Alert! In the Big Bend, it pays to be watchful while driving. Wild burros have long been a problem, especially on the paved roads where we can kick up the speed. For more on the subject go HERE.

Shot Time Liquors is now carrying boxed wine! Black Cove Rum 750mL for $8  & 375mL for $4. On sale: All Taste of Florida mixers (750mL) for $3.50 each. Trotters RTD Margarita (750mL) for only $6. O’Doul’s 6pk for only $4.50. Come check out all the other new sales going on. Don’t forget; we have fresh, locally made, filtered $1.75 per bag! Visit us anytime Mon thru Sat 10 to 9. 3713155, shottimeliquors.com, or like us on Facebook!

Color your world! To order Collie’s Coloring Book, send $20.95 (+ $5 shipping) to Collie Ryan, P.O. box, Terlingua, TX 79852 or P.O Box 496 or call 2506. Each book printed to order.
Calling all local Terlingua musicians and friends:  There is a new website where a list of current Terlingua musicians is being compiled.  Please go to the website and then add the name of any musician that is missing from the list that currently lives in Terlingua sometime during the year, still performs in Terlingua and/or has a CD for sale in Terlingua. You can do so in the comment box. Musicians, you are encouraged to include your phone number if your services are for hire. Please help spread the word. http:// terlinguamusic.com/ This show will hang from May 12th through July 8th. Then on Sunday, May 19th Terlingua High School art students’ works will be on display, with a meetthe-artist opening party. Punch and cookies will be served from 4-7pm. Each participating art student will be eligible for a chance to win a door prize. The students’ art will be on display from May 17th through May 27th. Come check out our new up and coming artists.
AA meetings on Thursdays at 7:30 pm and Al-Anon meetings on Mondays at 7 pm. Both held at the Big Bend Baptist Church north of West Texas National Bank near Chili Pepper. You can find us on Facebook and Google. There are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Alpine every day of the week as they just added an Open Sunday meeting.  There is also a weekly Al-Anon meeting (for family and friends of problem drinkers) on Thursdays at 5:30 pm. Open meetings are open to everyone although non-alcoholics are asked to just listen. Closed meetings are limited to those who have a desire to stop drinking or a desire to stay stopped. Open meetings allow family and friends and anyone else in the community interested in finding out more about problem drinkers to come  and see what an AA meeting it like. For further information on Alpine meetings: CLICK HERE

Voices From Both Sides, Saturday, May 11
“Voices from Both Sides” is about opening the border and reuniting the ‘greater’ Big Bend community. Locals and visitors alike will be gathered May 11th, 2 pm at the old Lajitas TX/Paso Lajitas Mexico border crossing in support of this grassroots movement aimed at showing the rest or our country that closing off our friendly neighbors to our south in this region was a monumental reactive mistake to 911. This is not going to be the ordinary party atmosphere that you will find along our border towns but a concerted effort to show solidarity using our VOICES FROM BOTH SIDES. Let show our support by joining hands and representing ourselves as the concerned citizens we are. We will be making a chain of people holding hands all the way across the river to symbolize the connection we cherish with our wonderful neighbors. Bring your own shade and water. See you there!
Bring your 2-4 year olds to the Family Crisis Center in the ghost town Wednesdays from 4-5 pm to color, socialize and have fun with other kids the same age. Questions? Call 371-3147 or 371-2887.

The Terlingua Fit Club meets behind the Motor Inn for a hike up Indian Head at 8 am Tuesdays. Come on out and get fit!

More Big Bend in the news: A great place to see wildlife,

Next full moon, the flower moon, is Saturday, May 25, In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.

Overheard on The Porch
Indignant wife: Are you laughing at me?
Husband: No, dear. I was just laughing at those guys back there who are laughing at you.

Paper copies of the Terlingua Moon will be unavailable in June, July and August. If you want a printed copy, check your email, get one from a friend who has email, or go to DrDougs.com/moon.html

Next week’s MOON is by South County Mud Clowns. Send any news items to terlinguamoon@gmail.com before Monday noon.

Terlingua MOON
Vol. 24, No.19           May 7, 2013        by MaeWesterN

The Terlingua Moon
May 14th, 2013

South County
Mud Clowns

~ If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it,
change your attitude. ~ Maya Angelou
He said, "We wanted everybody to have a good time, but just needed to be close in case anything crazy happened.."  We all need to thank the Border Patrol for making such an effort to understand us, and to tolerate us.  One reason we had a great time Saturday is because the Border Patrol decided to have a Hands Off policy.  If you want to thank them and encourage this behavior, you can always write Bill Brooks, Big Bend Sector, PO Box I, Marfa, Texas  79843.   They didn't have to be half as cool as they were. (Thanks Cynta)

Voices From Both Sides, Saturday, May 11
What a HOOT that was.  It was all about opening the border and reuniting the ‘greater’ Big Bend community. Locals and visitors alike gathered at the old Lajitas TX/Paso Lajitas Mexico border crossing for an afternoon and evening of music, food and fun. Honestly, the Moon cannot improve on the reporting of the event any better than did the Alpine Daily Planet and the Terlingua Music web sites. Please do not miss seeing these articles and photo journals. The entire story is told here in pictures that speak a million words and emotions about the human/neighbor connection that a border cannot contain or separate. A big thanks to Jeff Haislip, and Jeff wants to thank the following: the great staff at Lajitas Resort including Ruffin Moore, Trevor Hickle, Mark Dial & Tim Garrison. Ramon Garcia, Cynta, Bobby's Blues & BBQ, Casey Calondo & crew from Allenergies.net, Riveras Tire Shop in Presidio, Desert Sports, Far Flung Adventures, Big Bend River Tours, The Border Patrol, The Brewster County Sheriff’s Dept. Tom Cochran, Ernesto Hernandez, Crystal Allbright, NPR, Los Pinche Gringos & all the musicians involved...  and anyone else who I have forgotten to mention. This event is part of a CD/DVD project that we are pushing for October release. If you would like to help please go HERE  If anyone has some great pictures to share from May 11th Voices From Both Sides please email to Anita Goss at  brokenstrings@bigbend.net

On Friday, April 10th, our illustrious Representative, Pete Gallego, made it possible to process passport applications again in Alpine. Through the end of May, Desert Sports will have passport applications and Crystal can help with your photos. Call 371-2727 to make sure Crystal is there. Fill out the application, then head up to the temporary processing desk at the County Clerk's Office in Alpine. In about 30 days, the temp processing desk will move to the Brewster County Tax Office. It can take 3 - 4 weeks to get your passport in the mail. Brewster County Judge Val Beard said, “To the congressman, we say thank you for delivering excellent constituent service.” We Ditto !

Come join us at Earth and Fire Imports/Gallery, located in downtown Terlingua ghostown, for two art openings in May.Monday, May 13th will feature oil paintings by Pam Ware, the first public showing of her work. This show will hang from May 12th through July 8th. Then on Sunday, May 19th we will have the Terlingua High School art students works on display, with a meet the artist opening party.  Punch and cookies will be served from 4-7pm.  Each participating art student will be eligible for a chance to win a door prize.  The students’ art will be on display from May 17th through May 27th.

Desert Imaging Mammogram bus will be in our area soon. Call now to make your appointment (915) 577-0100.

Dental Clinic at Big Bend Church.  Dentists will be available Thursday June 13 through Saturday June 15 starting a 9:00 am for dental needs of the Big Bend area residents.  No appointments necessary!  Have children come for dental checkups.

Many thanks to all those who helped with LMLB’s marathon (5 shows in less than 24 hours) production of The Commedia Robin Hood. The Terlingua and San Vicente schools, Catfish, Deena and Brittany for taking on multiple parts (and costume changes!), Sandy Smith for costumes and puppets, Catfish and John Parker for props, Big Bend Resorts and Adventures for rehearsal space, La Kiva and the Starlight for hosting the public shows, the High Sierra for their support, Rob & Angie for a great hot dog lunch, Martha for logistical and moral support, all those who donated when the hat was passed, and everyone who came to see the show. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

“Life is short; make fun of it”. – unknown

From the Burrs (371-2506): The Tank load is about ½ filled. As always, no freight charge, no sales tax. A deposit reserves your tank.  Wylie & Sons, Inc. sells more than water catchment tanks. Call us to see a catalogue.

India’s Still Baking Yummy Sweets
Call me at home…..
Birthday Cakes… Home made Pies… Fruit Cobblers…
Pecan Brownies…Baking Now and during the year. Holidays, Christmas... Thanksgiving…  New Years.  Order you desserts ahead of time… Just call…. India Home Phone  371-2198 Cell 1-817-629-4011

Collie’s Coloring Book – Mandalas, like her famous painted hub caps, but in black/white for you to color.  Order your copy. Send $20.95 (+ $5 if mailed) to Collie Ryan, P.O. box, Terlingua, TX 79852 or P.O Box 496 or call 2506. Each book printed to order.

Otra Vez Thrift Store will be open this week Wed. morning while the crew is working and Tues., Wed., and Thurs. afternoon from 2 til 4.  Come check out our new items.  Big $5 Bag Sale this Sat. May 18th.  Thanks for your support!

SHOT TIME LIQUORS-NOW CARRYING BOXED WINE!    Black Cove Rum 750mL for $8.  & 375mL for $4. ON SALE - ALL TASTE OF FLORIDA MIXERS (750mL) for $3.50 each.  TROTTERS RTD Margarita (750mL) for only $6.  O'Doul's 6pk for only $4.50.  Come check out all the other new sales going on.  Don't forget; we have fresh, locally made, filtered ice for just $1.75 per bag!!! Visit us anytime Mon thru Sat 10 to 9. 371-3155 shottimeliquors.com or like us on FaceBook!

Espresso…Y Poco Mas located in the Ghostown at La Posada Milagro. open daily 7:30am-2pm serving breakfast and luch all the day. Burritos, sandwiches, green salad, smoothies , coffees and much more! WiFi available  432.371.3044

This week @ High Sierra: Saturday, May 18th - Dr Fun @ 7ish Sunday, May 19th - Benefit for Amity w/George Goss and Friends @ 2pm  Calling local musicians - call Denese x3282 to sign up for Thursday Starving Artist gigs.



(Descriptions of vehicles for auction on the back page)

NOTICE: As of this date, DO NOT place ANY items on the Study Butte Porch.  It has become too convenient for some to place items there that need to be disposed of in the appropriate dumpster.  Absolutely, NO MORE !

NOTICE: Paper copies of the Terlingua Moon will NOT be distributed in June, July and August. Only 4 hard copies will be around town: the Post Office, the Cottonwood, the WTNB and the Trading Company.  If you want a printed copy, check your email or get one from a friend who has email. The Bank will also let you make a copy for free.

Next week’s MOON is by MILLION sMILES. Send  news items to terlinguamoon@gmail.com before Monday noon.


(Sealed bid auction information continued)



1984 JEEP VIN# 7028 -  MILEAGE 78576
MINIMUM BID  $2,900.00

1999 JEEP WRANGLER VIN # 3144 – MILEAGE 64467
MINIMUM BID  $ 4,700.00


On the subject of changing the Moon
    (… not intended in a harsh tone)

It has taken close to a quarter of a century for the Terlingua Moon to evolve into the Moon it is today.  Its creator was Chris (Oz) Müller. Not long ago, we were distributing between 35 and 50 hard-copies – all on the individual editor’s paper, ink, gasoline and time.  More than 200 Moons are distributed via personal email.  If you want to receive the Moon online, send your request to terlingguamoon@gmail.com  An editor might spend an average of 6 to 8 hours on the completion of one issue.  Thankfully, more and more of our readers are opting to print their own copy or read it online, so we only have to deliver less than 10 now.

If you don't care for the Moon as it is presently, you would have really flipped out a couple of decades back. News then might resemble, “Who’s cheatin who; who’s being true; and who don’t even care anymore”. Who fell down and broke his Crown Royal bottle  Who’s truck was found shiney-side-down on top of a place where there is no way to get there from here. Tongue-n-cheek, for sure - and it didn't care who might take offense. I often wish it were still that way.

All Moon editors submit some stuff they do not want to, and resist printing some things they personally do want to.  We do have to condense submission at times or provide a link to really long stories of interest that are already being covered in other media. If you think your entry is being ignored, maybe you aren’t sending it to the right place which is: terlinguamoon@gmail.com or maybe you missed the Monday, noon deadline.

As for events ? The Moon is packed with them; all that are timely submitted and links to sites too lengthy to print. The so-called advertisements are there for visitors/tourists and for the local, socially active to get a heads up and plan their week of fun, food and entertainment. Many are of public interest, education or concern.  Some are to alert the community of a special or “good deal” or services available.  It is tough to run a business down here.  We don’t carry ads for the big enterprises that have other means of reaching a larger, outside market. We strive to help all our small businesses, especially in the dead of summer.  To do so benefits us all. No one pays to place any ad in the Moon, and you don't pay a dime to read it!

Our readership is, and has always been, unique. This community as a whole is unique – once described as, “The Known Center of the Universe.”  Another local once said, “We’re all here ‘cause we ain’t all there.”

Editors’ do not feel the need to produce a newsletter worthy of the Pulitzer Prize.  It is read by young and old and usually in plain-speak language. It has been suggested that we print a Moon in Spanish and that we make the Moon more suitable for children.  You do not need our permission to do so.  Kiddy Moon? La Luna ? But don’t tell us the changes you want to see in the original Terlingua Moon format or procedure, in general.  You might have better luck getting the Thrifty Nickel to insert a nude centerfold.

“Live and Let Live” is an unspoken motto here. To be here necessitates you find a niche to fill, and fill it, without being a burden to anyone but yourself. But it is a guarantee that if you sincerely need help through a crisis out here, it turns into the whole community’s project to help. Many of us have toughed out the years of no indoor plumbing, no electricity, no phone, TV,  no money, etc. All those situations build strong character and cultivate a highly specialized sense of humor. Some of us just laugh for no reason at all.

There has been a lot of talk about the distinctions between Old Locals and New Locals – and that Old Locals won’t accept New Locals. If you are a new resident, Welcome !  There are Old Locals here that even other Old Locals do not embrace as one of “US” and for good reasons as perceived by the individual.  This is simply the result of our community being so close, we really do know just about everybody or we know someone who does.  You won’t find that phenomenon in the city. Once you have been here long enough, you will acquire a one-word name or a nickname; we all do. And, you will probably never know what yours is.  Damn this place is fun.
Viva Terlingua
Long Live the Terlingua Moon

“Rudyard Kipling was fired as a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner. His dismissal letter was reported to have said, ‘I’m sorry, Mr. Kipling, but you just don’t know how to use the English language. This isn’t a kindergarten for amateur writers.’”

And, this editor hates to see blank, empty space.

Terlingua Moon
May 21, 2013
Vol. 24       No. 21

For myself I hold no preferences among flowers, so long as they are wild, free, spontaneous. Bricks to all greenhouses! Black thumb and cutworm to the potted plant!
Edward Abbey

The clothes closet will be open on the first and third Saturdays of the month from now through August.  If you need something during the week or on an off Saturday and can't wait, you can contact me (@ 2150) or Marguerite at the quilt shop.  Hope everyone has a great summer!

It's time to Celebrate! Please join us as we celebrate the closing of the land transfer from Terlingua Fire and EMS to Last Minute Low Budget Productions. To show our great appreciation to TFEMS and the Terlingua community, we are hosting a reception at High Sierra on Thursday, May 23, at 6:00 pm.  Denise is putting together yummy appetizers for us and beer and wine may be purchased at the bar. Come One, Come All!

A great big THANK YOU! goes to Edstrom Construction's Raymond Milner and Sergio for volunteering to  haul, dump and grade the gravel donated by Dave Fricker to Otra Vez Thrift Store.  Our store lot looks great!  Otra Vez will be open this week Wed. morning while the crew is working and Tues., Wed., & Thurs. afternoons from 2 til 4.  Always something new and a free rack.  Donations on Wed. mornings only please.  We love our Community!

AMERICAN SPIRITS ARE HERE – packs & pouches! Black Cove Rum 750mL for $8.00  & 375mL for $4.00.  ON SALE - ALL TASTE OF FLORIDA MIXERS (750mL) for $3.50 each.  TROTTERS RTD Margarita (750mL) for only $6.00.  Come check out all the other new sales going on.  Don't forget; we have fresh, locally made, filtered ice for just $1.75 per bag!!! Visit us anytime Mon thru Sat 10 to 9. 371-3155 shottimeliquors.com or like us on FaceBook!

Hello to Everyone in the Big Bend Community!
First of all, thanks a lot for being so supportive of the Boquillas Community Tourism Project. We still have many goals to complete. At present, we want to celebrate the first month since the border opened, and we want to celebrate with all our friends. So we would like to plan a celebration/benefit party so we can continue the project.
   On Saturday May 25th, at noon, we will offer a Mexican Antojitos (hand food) Buffet at the River Plaza in Boquillas. Musicians from Terlingua will play music from 12:00 to 4:00 and you will have a chance to enjoy authentic Mexican food like Tamales, Tostadas, Flautas, Gorditas, Tacos and a great diversty of salsas, as well as Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus juice), and Orchata (rice milk)!
    We will be selling beer too. The buffet cost will be $8 for person (kids free!). At 8:30 pm, we also have a big dance with Musicians from San Vicente, $6 at the door. We have 15 spaces for people who want to stay over in Boquillas and help start our home stay program ($35 per person)
  Thanks so much for your support, for more information please contact: Cynta de Narvaez  cynta@villaterlingua.com Ernesto Hernandez ecoexpediciones@gmail.com (yes, you must have a valid passport or passport card)    
    More information at:

Lajitas General Store offers new MUSIC Section.
We are now selling  guitar  strings, picks, musical instruments, drum sticks, harmonicas, and all sorts of cool stuff. Picks for  just 25 cents.  Shipments still arriving.   Over the next couple of months we will be getting in more and more strings for all types of instruments.  By Fall we should have a full section of must haves for the Terlingua Musician in your life.  Come see the store, all kinds of new items all the time!

Million sMiles
The Legendary Legion Jam #6 will be Sunday May 26th. So far, the monthly event has raised money for the Terlingua School Music Department, the Crisis Center, and several local individuals that were in need. Let's keep it going. Everyone is welcome to attend, and there will be a pot-luck dinner at about 6PM. We would like to thank everyone who has come out to the previous Jams, especially the musicians and Pat O'Bryan, for their contributions.

Be sure to check out Big Bend High School's Art Exhibit at Earth and Fire Imports/Gallery.  These are an example of some of our outstanding art students' works.  The show is here a limited time, the last day will be Monday, May 27th.  Get by the gallery, located in downtown Ghostown, (Fri - Mon, from 9 - 1 and 3 - 7pm) and see what everyone is talking about.

From El Centro, ent., inc./H2O 2 Go: The catchment tank order is a little over half filled now.  We do have the 18" mesh filter baskets on hand and can order various fittings for you that will also arrive freight and sales tax free.  Once filled, it only takes a few days for the load to ship. Call us at home (432) 371-2506 for more details, or to arrange your deposit.
Thank You - The Burrs

Sunday's benefit for Amity @ the High SIerra Bar & Grill  went better than expected, raising over $2500. We would love to express our deepest and utmost thanks to Deanna, Herman and all the musicians who went out of their way to make this a reality and an absolutely knock out show..  Amity will be getting her operation Thursday the 23rd, and thanks to generous donations from Collie Ryan, Pablo Menudo, Mark Kneeskern and Little Brown Girl, Cyndi Burns, Gene Everett, Zoey & Kevin Sexton, and Jessica Lutz we will be able to make this trip and help save for more procedures to come. Days like today only solidify the meaning of community and how we can all get together to help each other through any obstacles. For this I am eternally grateful to everyone that stopped by and donated. HUGE thanks to George & Anita Goss , Pat O Bryan, Anna Banana and Jim Keaveney for bringing such talented musicians to the High Sierra.
Thank you so much-Ayla, Colt, and Amity
Donations can be sent to High Sierra
ATTN Phillip Smith 100 Ghostown Road, Terlingua, Tx. 79852
There is an AA meeting on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.  Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or to continue to remain sober is welcome.
There is also an Al-Anon meeting on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. established for anyone who is affected by someone else's drinking either now or in the past.
Both are held at the Big Bend Baptist Church north of West Texas National Bank near Chili Pepper.   You can now find us on facebook, google and google map.
There is also a daily AA meeting in Alpine. For further information go HERE.

Building Connections and not more walls

Boquillas: a Mexican Pueblo Through Their Eyes - another way to see our neighbors

Starlight Schedule for this week!
Monday 5/20 2-4-1 Burger Night!
Tuesday 5/21 Taco Madness is back! $1 Tacos all night!
Music by Jon Brooks from 6pm to 9pm
Wednesday 5/22 Mr. Uh Clem Jammin for us!
Thursday 5/23 Fresh Ceviche & Moijitos are back for the Summer!
Sunday 5/26 Sunday Brunch!

Trax Transportation Now Available Here !
Big Bend Community Action Committee’s Trax
Transportation will provide transportation service from Terlingua into Alpine, starting Thursday, April 25, and continuing every fourth Thursday of each month. Service hours will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This service will include any public appointments, shopping, or in-town services in Alpine. Call 24 to 48 hours prior to the scheduled day. The Trax toll-free number is 1-855-TRY-TRAX (1-855-879-8729)

1986 Chevrolet Suburban Silverado 1500 Half Ton C10 LL 5.7L gasoline 350 V8, automatic transmission, 2WD, power steering, cruise control, 3rd row bench seat, tinted windows, rear tow package, rebuilt starter, new radiator, new water pump, good tires, 189,500 miles   RELIABLE, RUNS WELL  Call 432.371.3030 to make an offer
There is an AA meeting on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.  Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or to continue to remain sober is welcome.  There is also an Al-Anon meeting on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. established for anyone who is affected by someone else's drinking either now or in the past.  Both are held at the Big Bend Baptist Church north of West Texas National Bank near Chili Pepper.   You can now find us on facebook, google and google map.  There is also a daily AA meeting in Alpine. For further information go HERE.

Link includes audio narration

We had a great time in Boquillas this past weekend. We will be having more music & fiestas in Boquillas in the coming months. If you don't have your passport, please start working on getting it. It takes a little while to get it & we want you to get in on the action.

Thursday, May 31st -TerlinguaBassNik & Mark Lewis - 7:30ish
Saturday, June 1st - Dr Fun - 7ish
Calling local musicians - call Denese x3282 to sign up for Thursday Starving Artist gigs.

Will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 2, in the Chapel of St. Mary and St. Joseph, Lajitas. The Episcopal Church welcomes you. Everybody is invited to attend. Services are held in the Chapel on the first and third Sundays of every month and as announced. Coming Up: Sunday, June 16, at 11:00 a.m., Fathers' Day.

MICHAEL D HEIDEBRECHT, AKA UGLY BETTY passed away in Wichita, KS on May 8th, 2013.  Survived by Edith Heidebrecht, mother, Lynn Musall, caretaker, Melody Clarke, Ann Coleman, Cynthia DanishFar, Kim Hall and Jan Hook, sisters.   A memorial was held at Veterans Memorial Park in Wichita.  A memorial will be held at a later date in Terlingua and in Indiana.  Memorial contributions may be made to the Patriot Guard Riders in Brewster County.

The clinic will start at 9:00 AM at the Big Bend Church.  No appointment is necessary.  Have children come for dental checkups.

There is possibly space for a couple more tanks on the truck-load. It might hold two 3,000s or three 1,750s. Call us to place your order and arrange a deposit. The normal rainy season is likely to return this year; you have time to be ready. No freight charge; no sales tax. Tha Burrs.  371-2506

Recently Biker Mike paid a visit to Terlingua for a session with Dr. Doug (Borderline Psychiatrist). The session went well and a prescription of much needed medicine was filled within a local watering hole.  You can imagine Biker Mikes surprise when he found that he had parked in a clearly marked "No Parking Zone".
  Apparently Biker Mike did not know that three rocks piled up with a lizzard on top facing to the east indicates no parking.  Biker Mike also soon learned that Dr. Doug was also the local law inTerlingua. 
    Although the punishment was harsh,  Biker Mike was quoted as saying, "I should have paid more attention to the fact that there were no signs indicating anything". Lesson learned? You bet, next time you are in Terlingua pay attention to rocks, lizzards and signs, even if they are not there.

America is a pretty beautiful place. But with so many square miles and so little free time, it's understandable that we tend to stick with the tried-and-true vacation locales. However, the folks at Country magazine went off the beaten path for the June issue, selecting the "Hidden Gems of the National Park System”.  To be included, the parks had to be gorgeous as well as under visited. Breathtaking nature and no crowd of people to share it with? Sign me up.
    Only one park in the Lone Star State made the cut: Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas. Writer and photographer Tim Fitzharris describes the allure of Big Bend thusly:
    "Everywhere, stunning subjects appear before my lens, from the sunbaked and cactus-studded Chihuahuan Desert to the Rio Grande winding a green ribbon between dark, narrow canyons. Inside the Chisos basin, a steep waterfall fools you into forgetting, for a moment, that you’re deep inside an arid region. Always, Mexico’s verdant mountains dominate the southern horizon.
    Fitzharris goes on to say that Big Bend "might be the foremost place to experience the best of North, Central and South America combined."
If you're looking to get out of Texas, Country recognized other pretty, uncrowded parks in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Utah, Virgin Islands and Washington State.

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The Terlingua Moon
Vol. 24    No. 22
May 28th, 2013