Far from City Life, Close to Perfect.  Hike under the open sky or dance the night away. Free spirits thrive in Big Bend and Terlingua.
Submit your news to terlinguamoon@gmail.com by Noonday Moonday for the following Toosday’s publication.  Next Week’s Moon by Raven & Coyote
Welcome home to our own Mariah Smith.  The circumstances are sad; the tasks are daunting.  But know that you have a wealth of love and support from us all. Please offer her hugs and help through these tough times. The Study Butte Store plans to open some time next week.
Doug Caldwell Davis, June 13, 1951 - May 25, 2012.  Doug is at rest at Greenwood Cemetery, Fredricksburg, TX

(the following was submitted by some of Doug’s many friends in the Luckenbach/Fredricksburg area)

The sunlight whispered through the huge oaks which canopied the place, roosters ran wild, smiles multiplied .. most felt the one thing missing.. the physical Cowboy Doug Davis.. but he was there in the hearts, souls, voices & music making instruments as simple as a hum.. in everyone he touched.. (Thanks to Cynthia Lively) – photo copyright cynlee-studios

(The following is excerpted from the Face Book page of AbbeyRoad1.  It just sounds so much like Terlingua - Doug’s other hometown) 
… So much love, friendship and life happening right before my eyes.  Some of these folks have been coming to Luckenbach for decades.  They have seen the gradual changes and passing of time.  They have witnessed music, love, death and all that life is under the light of the full moons in Luckenbach.  I am still a very young newcomer to this community, having only been here for 5 years.  The relationships in this town amongst the locals are complex.  It seems to me that we go through seasons with each other.  It is very much like family...a fine line between love and frustration.  Needing and not needing. Ying and Yang. Growing and sometimes, not growing within ourselves.   We learn to tolerate and let each other be.   That is it, we let each other breathe and just be who we need to be at the moment.        Thank you Abbey Road
(See beautiful poetry on the flip side of this page in memory of Doug)
The following is only meant as a public service message from this editor:  Wills and Lawyers are two things every human puts off until it is too late or we are in trouble. Legalforms.com has state specific wills for as little as $15 or a 3-pack of vital legal forms for $29 which includes: Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney, all specific  to Texas law.  If you don’t have a computer, you can call 1-877-389-0141

Our wine selection has grown; now carrying Simply Naked, Yellow Tail, Ste. Genevieve, chilled Chablis & champagne, Blue Teal, moscato, port, chianti, sangria, Stellar Organics, pomegranate, & many more.  Many range from $4.50 to $12.00. New beers:  St. Arnold's Lawnmower, Ruby Redbird, Harp, & Lime-A-Rita.  Mon - Sat  10 to 9  371-3155

Reviva Terlingua will be meeting this week at the bus by the boat house in the ghost town at 7:00 PM.  Pot luck.  Bring your favorite dish and join in the conversation on how to improve our community.  Everyone is welcome. (The date was not submitted, but I hope a discussion comes up as to what the heck we can do about getting some kind of dump down here…op ed.)

High Sierra Bar & Grill; Saturday, June 9th, at 8:00 PM The Pirates of Terlingua Creek will be performing on the patio (weather permitting.)  It is not your imagination folks, it is getting hot outside so come enjoy the coldest beer in town and watch your favorite team on our large screen TV... (Jim Morrison and Jimmy Hindrix were seen escorting Janis Joplin out of the High Sierra last week. It's a ghost town, what can I say.)

Tue  6/5  Uh Clem plays and Taco Madness - $1 Tacos all night ;
Wed 6/6  Fried Chicken Special - $9.95; 
Thur 6/7 Come say farewell to Mr. Ted Arbogast as he plays his last gig for the summer!
Ceviche and Mojito Specials Fri 6/8 and Sat 6/9         Commedia dell'Arte performances on the stage! Improvised Comedy Sketches  Starts at 8:00pm - $10 cover;
Sun 6/10 Movie night starts around dark – TBA

Large containers for gardening in the desert!
You can successfully grow your own veggies. Available NOW at the Cottonwood - $10 each.  Sponsored by the Community Garden

Espresso…y Poco mas located in the Ghostown @ La Posada Milagro 432.371.3044 or 310.991.1058 Will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, June 6th and 7th. New summer hours starting on Friday June 8th. Join us for breakfast from 8am-11:30am. Help wanted from July 9th-August 20th. Talk to Noemi about details.

South County Mud Clowns
The Terlingua Moon
June 5th, 2012
Volume 23 - #23
That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.
The memorial celebration at Luckenbach was fantastic – the biggest circle you ever did see  there.. so many shared personal stories & songs.. …the weather was beautiful.. peace & an all-around feeling of joy & brotherhood vibrated through the crowd.. .. ..
You may have gotten messages similar to this from many of your email contacts “…wow this is amazing; you’ve gotta check this out, etc.”  DO NOT OPEN.  DELETE.

Also, there is a thing called a “Bounce” going around telling you that each and every one of your contacts’ messages were undeliverable – permenant failure – and the like.  After hours of reporting and reading, we went to the very bottom of the Gmail page and hit ‘details’ and found activity from several other countries that had access to our gmail in the middle of the night. We blocked all those shown and changed our password.  It appears to have fixed the problem; we’ll see.  Computer Dweebs we aint !

"Cowboy Doug" By Walt Perryman (5/26/12)

"Cowboy Doug was a cowboy and he could play and sing.
He was not a drugstore cowboy, he was the real thing.

Last night the Lord called Doug over to the other side.
God gave him a guitar and a good horse to ride.

On Earth all he wanted was to be a cowboy and sing.
Only difference is he is in Heaven, doing the same thing.

The Sunday night picking circle will have an empty chair,
Although we cannot see him, he will always be there.

I believe that last night when Cowboy Doug died,
God said to him, 'Cowboy up, it is time to ride.'”


I have been to the end of the waters.
I have been to the end of the mountains.
I have been to the end of the earth.
I have been to the end of the sky.
I have found none that are not my friends.

          By Doug Caldwell Davis
Letter to the Editor:

At a time when we have just completed one stage of our democratic business of voting on candidates to fill many of our local government (city, school district, etc.) positions and to choose who will be our parties' nominees for office (county, state and  federal)  in the General Election in November, we voters -- and the candidates -- might just wish all the signs would go away and get on with our business.

But, not so fast!  We do have Run-Off Primary Elections coming up on July 31. Who your party's candidate will be on the November General Election ballot is important.  Please participate.

Putting on our elections is serious business.  It is also very complex and involves many persons working together to make them as fair, legal, and cost-effective as possible.

Under Texas law, counties may choose to create the position of Elections Administrator to handle elections and all voter registration responsibilities.  Brewster County wisely did so a decade or more ago and it worked well for some time.  Due to some very serious errors in connection with the 2008 Primary Election, the Brewster County Elections Commission, of which I was a member at the time, unanimously recommended to Commissioners Court that the position be abolished.  They did so.  My vote in support of that recommendation was, I now realize, a serious mistake.

One result of that action was to place the responsibility for the conduct of elections on the County Clerk and all voter registration responsibility on the County Tax Assessor-Collector.  These are
two elected positions which are full-time jobs in themselves without these added election-related duties.  Those individuals have worked diligently to meet those needs, but it is an unreasonable burden to impose on them.  Employment of a part-time person to assist with very complex and stressful matters for $10.00 an hour simply does not work and results have been been very mixed.  It is not sustainable, nor is it fair to those involved or to our voters.

Brewster County needs an Elections Administrator.  The county's budget preparation process begins soon. The re-creation of this office by our Commissioners Court, at a salary level which will attract and retain a person with the requisite capabilities, needs to happen NOW.

This, by the way, is not a partisan issue between Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Greens. 

We all want and deserve fair and cost-effective elections.  Like national defense, schools or roads, you don't get good elections without cost. My view on this is based on more than twenty years of direct, hands-on work with our elections.  I hope you will encourage your Commissioner to work to get this in next year's budget.

Dale Christophersen
301 East Avenue A, Alpine
(432) 837-3275
Butch Hancock ~ What A World This Mess Is In
Butch Hancock ~ If You Were A Bluebird
The rumor is that after getting the unmanned international crossing @ Boquillas ready for a 3/15/2012 opening, the MX Govt. will now provide a welcome center on their side of the Rio Grande possibly in 2020. That's rumor - I just forward what I read or hear.  Jim Milburn
Music Around Town
Hank Woji will be playing a special CD "Pre" Release Party at La Kiva, Saturday July 10th! Music by the Hank Woji Trio featuring Laird Considine & Trevor Hickle, Hank will be celebrating the upcoming release of his new CD, "There Was A Time", which was recorded here in Terlingua, at Studio Butte Recording - Ted Arbogast's fine recording facility here in town. The new CD will be available for purchase on that night only, at a price so ridiculously low it can't be printed here, as Hank's way of saying "Thanks Guys!" for all the support he has gotten from our community since he moved here from Houston last year. "A splendid time is guaranteed for all"

Thanks to Herman, Joe, and Dave
I don't  know what started the fire behind my house, but I do know who saved my home for me.  That would be Herman, Joe, and Dave from the El Dorado. If the smoke had not been seen and those fellows hadn't come here .... I think I would be homeless now. They worked so hard and had a dangerous situation to deal with. They never wavered.  I can not tell them how grateful I am for their kindness and hard work.  THANK YOU guys so much.  The Firemen came right after the fire was out and put me some more water around the place where the fire was, and I didn't have to stay up all night  worried about fire breaking out again. They were so kind and professional .......THANKS to those guys also.   After 30 years I was once more reminded why I love to live here. Best people on earth.-Mona McAuley                                                              
Shot Time Liquors
Newest treats:  Seagram's Fuzzy Navel 4pks (nice & cold), economy size of Smirnoff & Old Crow, Crown Royal Black & Reserve, Captain Morgan Black, Jim Beam Black, Midori gift packs, Pomegranate juice, and three Bloody Mary mixes: Mr. & Mrs. T, Zing Zang, &Tank's.  Mon thru Sat 10:00 to 9:00  371-3155

Starlight Schedule of Events
Mon 6/11 - 2-4-1 Burger Night
Tue 6/12 - Taco Madness - $1 Chicken Tacos all night with Mr. Uh Clem
Wed 6/13 - Fried Chicken Special - $9.95 Soft Drink included
Thur 6/14 - Tim Relleva on the mic and Fresh Ceviche & Mojitos
Sat 6/16 - Game Night - dart boards are up & ready!!
Sun 6/17 - Movie Night starts around dark - playing this week -  Reservoir Dogs
Next week we'll play Rocky Horror Picture Show again! Audience participation is encouraged! We'll provide few props and cheat sheets

Study Butte Store
We are told that the SB Store will open sometime this week. While you are there, be sure to give Mariah a big, welcome-home hug.

Got News? Submit it here:

Father’s Day at Lajitas Chapel
On Sunday, 17 June, at 11:00 a.m. in the Chapel of St. Mary and St. Joseph, Lajitas, a service of Morning Prayer will be held. This is Fathers' Day, so bring dad and give thanks for another good year. The Episcopal Church welcomes you. Everybody is invited to attend.  Looking ahead: On Sunday, July first, the Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m.

A recount was held in the Commissioner Precinct 3 race in Brewster County on June 11th, 2012.  The recount had been requested by Marcos Paredes, candidate for that office.  The results of the recount were a slight change in the vote totals in that election but not significant enough to change the outcome.  The runoff in that race will still be between Ruben G. Ortega and Eduardo F. Vega. In the original count of the election for that office, vote totals were as follows:

Eduardo F. Vega 125
Ruben G. Ortega 211
Marcos Paredes 118

The recount resulted in
Eduardo F. Vega 125
Ruben G. Ortega 210
Marcos Paredes 121

Ballots from early voting and election day were recounted for election precincts 3, 5, 7 and 8.

A ballot order drawing for the July 31, 2012 runoff election will be held tomorrow at the Brewster County Commissioners’ Courtroom at 4 pm.

H2O To Go - HEADS UP - The tanks have been ordered and will arrive in a matter of days.  Stay in close touch for ETA.  Home # is 2506.  Thanks everybody.

High Sierra Bar & Grill -  Friday, the 15th of June, Al Berry will perform at 7:30PM. The beautiful and talented J'lee will be serving up all your favorite beverages.  Saturday, the 16th of June, The Pirates of Terlingua Creek will be rockin' the house for your listening and dancing pleasure. Mike will be working the bar serving up sarcastic wisdom with all your favorite beverages.  As always, we have the coldest beer in town and some of the best food around.  (Elvis has left the building...)  High Sierra wisdom...Life is like a dog sled team, if you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes!

Reviva Terlingua meeting this Wed. @7:00 PM at the bus by the Boat House.  Sincere apologies for not putting the date in last week.  We will be meeting every Wed. at 7:00 PM.  (yes we discussed a dump for Terlingua!!)  Come join us and make a difference.

Brewster County Commissioner Candidate Wants Recount   By Geena Martinez  NewsWest 9
BREWSTER COUNTY - The Texas primaries have come and gone but a Brewster County  Commissioner candidate wants a recount in his race. He said the votes are too close to call, but that's not the only issue that's come up after the polls closed. A forgetful moment during early voting in Brewster County is now raising some questions. On May 23rd, election officials left to Marathon but forgot to take the ballot box and ballots with them. "They knew when they left that one of the candidates, Ruben Ortega, was in Alpine and would be available to bring those items to Marathon," Public Information Officer, Betse Esparza, said. Ruben Ortega delivered the ballots and the box to the Marathon polling place. He's the current Brewster County Commissioner for Precinct three. "It was loaded by somebody else in his vehicle and somebody else took it out of his vehicle," Esparza said. "It was all sealed, and there were witnesses to the unsealing of the ballots in Marathon." But sealed or not, that doesn't sit well with Marcos Paredes, who was running against Ortega. "I would not accept that opportunity," Paredes said. "Every person I've mentioned this to, right off, raised their eyebrows." NewsWest 9 spoke with the Texas Secretary of State's office. They tell NewsWest 9, Ortega didn't do anything wrong. "Texas election code does not prohibit candidates from delivering ballots to a polling place," Rich Parsons, with the Secretary of State's Office, said. However, the office advises against doing that in order to protect the integrity of the voting systems. Esparza said the votes were never compromised. In fact, the county judge is the only one with a key to the ballot box. Paredes doesn't agree with what happened but he also said that's not why he wants a recount. "The total number of votes that I lost by were very few," Paredes said. Paredes said he believes he found some discrepancies in numbers. He was just seven votes shy of tying with candidate Eduardo Vega, who is now in the run-off. "Anytime there is a difference of less than 10 percent, that is grounds for a recount," Paredes said. Paredes said he submitted a petition for a recount and a deposit to pay for it. He said to his understanding there could be a recount done next week.

*This editor’s eyebrows are raised pretty high

Family and friends of the late Evelyn Fucher gathered the evening of June 3 in her memory.  A spectacular sunset went down in perfect  synchronicity with a rising near-full moon. The show in the sky, from horizon to horizon was so befitting the farewell to Evelyn.  It was so good to see everyone - and to chat, snack and remember – surrounded by the glow of the moon and the luminarias scattered amongst us. God Bless You dear sweet First Lady of the Big Bend.

Otra Vez
Please remember that Otra Vez is closed and not taking any donations until August. Someone has left some things recently - would that someone please go and retrieve their stuff as there is no one working until August.  Thanks
The Terlingua Moon
June 12, 2012 ~ Vol. 23 #24
By: Raven &
Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight?      ~    Al Boliska
                 Vol. 23, # 25  June 19, 2012
Email your news to terlinguamoon@gmail.com

Free Clothes
Terlingua church of Christ (just south the stables on Hwy 118) is offering clothes of all sizes for free, Saturday mornings from 9am to noon. We have men's, women's, and children's sizes. We ask that everyone limit themselves to five clothing items per person per week.  We also ask that you do not drop off unwanted items at the church building.

Shot Time Liquors
La Montura Anejo tequila on sale now for $22. Open Mon thru Sat  10-9 371-3155

July 4th Dance
The Old Ladies Club of Terlingua is sponsoring a July 4th Dance at the Motor Inn Party Barn from 8-12 on the 4th. Admission is $5 and there will be a beer bar available.

Recycling is closed for the summer. Please take your recycling to the Park or to Alpine.

Otra Vez
Please remember that Otra Vez is closed and not taking any donations until August.

High Sierra Bar and Grill
Wed., June 20th, TOGA!!!!! The party starts at 6:00 PM.  Entertainment by Richard Vidmer from Austin, Tex. begins at 7:00PM.  Bring a sheet and join the fun for the first official day of summer. 
Friday, June 22nd, @ 7:30 PM, Al Berry will perform for your listening and dining pleasure.
Saturday, June 23rd, @ 8:00PM  The Pirates of Terlingua Creek will perform.
Starlight Theater
Tue 6/19    Taco Madness! $1 Chicken Tacos and music by Uh Clem     
Wed 6/20   Fried Chicken Special $9.95
Thur 6/21  Tim Relleva on the mic & fresh ceviche and mojitos!
Fri 6/22   Comedian Tom Hester
Sat 6/23  Game Night
Sun 6/24   Movie Night - The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Dress Up and Say It! Audience participation is fun!  We'll have toast (no butter), newspapers, rice, toilet paper, and a handful of other props for everyone to use. Cheat Sheets available

Happy Juneteenth!
Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day is a holiday commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas in 1865. Though the Emancipation Proclamation became official on Jan. 1, 1863, it had little impact in Texas and was for the most part unknown until Major General Gordon Granger and his Union Soldiers landed at Galveston and issued General Order #3 which began "The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.”

The term Juneteenth is a portmanteau of June and nineteenth and is an official state holiday. The state of Texas is widely considered the first U.S. state to begin Juneteenth celebrations with observances taking place for over a century. Emancipation Park in Houston was purchased solely for the purpose of giving African American Texans a place to celebrate Juneteenth. 
Trevor Hickle plays "Gringo Honeymoon.". Starlight Theater... Terlingua Texas  
Terlingua Moon - June 2012
"Letter From Terlingua" by Sixgun, a country band from France.
Pat O'Bryan joins Laird and Friends at the Starlight Theater in Terlingua, Tx. for a laid back version of "Can't Find My Way Home." Recorded live 3.5.11.
The Jam Project, Trevor Hickle
Terlingua Sunset - Ron Wayne Atwood
Music on the Porch in Terlingua, Texas
Terlingua Ghost Town
Terlingua Music Bash Parade
Laird Considine- "Fire on the Mountain"
Al Barlow & Pablo Menudo Show (Intro)
When one of our fallen soldiers came home recently, the Midland chapter of the Patriot Guard put out a call for flag bearers.  No one showed up to support that family.  Therefore, we have started our own chapter of the Patriot Guard which will cover Brewster, Presidio and Jeff Davis counties.  You do not have to be a veteran, you do not need to ride a motorcycle.  You do need to be able to support the family of one of our fallen soldiers.  If interested, please contact Richard Whitebear at (432) 371-2134 or Michael Heidebrecht at (432) 371-2136.  We have 50 flags that we can use at the funerals and would like to have enough persons to run out of flags. Hopefully we do not need to ever use them.  Please come join us in support of our fallen soldiers and their families.
Big Bend Patriot Guard
Our local pilot and musician extraordinaire, Alex Whitmore created this beautiful video of the landscape you can find here in the Amazing Big Bend.
Cowboy Poet John Wells
This is the cowboy poem I wrote when I first moved out here. Only a portion of it aired on my Texas Country Reporter episode so I thought I should present the whole poem here.
This "Sunday Morning" moment of nature shows you the doves of Terlingua, Texas.
Alex and Moses playing Music on the Porch, Terlingua. A busy time of the Year, a couple days before the New Year.  Thanks Ara Gureghian
New Years Eve, Great Music by Friends on the Porch, Terlingua, Texas. Always a fun place to be amongst Friends.  Thanks Ara Gureghian
The Aliens made us do it!
The Jon Hogan String Band plays High Sierra, Terlingua, Texas, First Annual Chili Cookoff, Jan. 28, 2012. Jon Hogan, guitar and vocals, Maria Moss, guitar, Niel Trammel, bass, Moses Martinez, harmonica, and J.P Schwartz (aka Jalapeno Schwartz, aka Doc Cactus) keyboard.
After an evening gig in the Lajitas Resort Thirsty Goat Bar, Dee Palmer on bass and Cody Bonham on guitar, were waiting on a ride back to CASI camp. Musicians having fun, just never quit. Song, "No no no, I don't do that no mo."
The mysterious west Texas desert provides a setting for experiencing the poignancy of the Terlingua Cemetery, the scenic grandeur of the Davis Mountains, and the quiet dignity of Fort Davis National Historic Site. An affable tarantula will be your guide.
Laird Considine
Laird Considine
This drive begins in the border town of Presidio, Texas, and heads east along FM 170, known as the River Road, as it parallels the Rio Grande River. Much of this drive passes through Big Bend Ranch State Park. Almost everything you see on the right side of the video is part of Mexico. The drive ends at Terlingua Ghost Town, just a few miles outside Big Bend National Park.
"Wish You Were Here" (Pink Floyd) - Ray Tarantino
Ray Tarantino and the Desert Band performing one of the most beautiful songs ever written! Recorded in Terlingua (TX) by Ted Arbogast - Mixed in Nashville (TN) by Steve Werbelow. Featuring Pat O'Bryan on slide guitar, Al Berry on guitar, Ted Arbogast on Bass and backing vocals, Laird Considine on mandolin.
Deep in the Texas Big Bend country, Fort Leaton State Historic site was established as a trading post in 1848. Military explorers, traders and gold miners all passed through its walls. Take a step back in time and imagine what life was like in this remote region of Texas. For more information, visit www.LifesBetterOutside.org
This country music video features my sidecar dog Spirit driving in our motorcycle. You may have seen dogs doing tricks on shows like David Letterman, a dog riding a scooter and even a dog riding a skateboard, But that's not what this is about. My rescue dog Spirit is my best friend and my true partner in crime. Support animal rights.  www.oasisofmysoul.com
Pablo Menudo performs at the Green Scene Festival in the Ghostown.  Thanks to Voni Glaves, Reporter & Photographer for Alpine Daily Planet
Artist and musician Jessica Lutz and local Terlingua characters sing "Get Your Cowgirl On."
Solo Native American flute from the CD A Place Called Peace by Randy Granger set to images of the Rio Grande River. The flute is a Cedar flute made by Scott Loomis.
Meet a man who turned his entire life into an experiment in self-sustaining, off-the-grid survival. At the Field Lab, John Wells uses new technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship to get by in Big Bend.
Luckenbach Cowboy Doug Memorial Pickers Circle Sunday, June 3d, 2012.
Hank Woji, Laird Considine, and Trevor Hickle play
"I Don't Like The Rain"
Waltz Across Texas - Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels & Charlie McCoy
The Terlingua Moon
June 26, 2012   ~  VOL. 23, #26

They say you don’t choose Terlingua, 
                                    It’s Terlingua chooses you…
                                                             Rafa Moore
La Catrina
Local Entertainment Advertisements

The Starlight Theatre
Mon 6/25    2-4-1 Burger Night with Hank Woji.
Tue  6/26    Taco Madness! $1 Chicken Tacos with
                     Uh Clem
Wed 6/27   Dart Tournament! No entry fee -
                     first beer free, winners get $5-10-20 gift
                     cards.   Fried Chicken Special with a
                     soft drink just $9.95
Thur 6/28  Tim Relleva on the mic.
                     Fresh Ceviche & Mojito's!
Sat 6/30      Game Night - Bowling anyone?
Sun 7/1       Movie Night - Playing this week:
                      Lynyrd Skynrd Freebird - The Movie

The El Dorado and the High Sierra Grill
This week @ the High Sierra...
Friday, June 29th Al Berry will perform at 7:30
Saturday, June 30th, The Pirates of Terlingua Creek will perform at 8:00 PM
Sunday, July 1st, Al Berry hosts the Hang-over Jam Session.  All musicians welcome.
Come enjoy the coldest beer in town and some of the best food around.

Espresso…y…Poco mas
located in the Ghostown @ La Posada Milagro
Is now closed for the summer until August 20th, 2012.  Hotel will stay in business for the summer!!
Thank you!!!

India’s Café and Bakery
will be closed From
June 28 until July 12

Don’t forget the 4th of July Parade!!!

Our wonderful friend, Jim Goodnow,  passed away last  Sunday evening, June 10th,  in a vehicle rollover south of Alpine.

Jim was a long time peace activist, a driver of the Yellow Rose Peace Bus, and a member of Veterans for Peace, Big Bend Chapter 151.

He was a sweetheart; always kind, always trying to do the right thing; spending his last few years trying to get an ambulance to Haiti to help in the effort there.

An effort is being made here to get Jim’s ashes buried at our cemetery with us and a memorial will be organized at that time.

Community Information

On Sunday, July First, at 11:00 a.m. in the
Chapel of St. Mary and St. Joseph, in Lajitas,
the HOLY EUCHARIST will be celebrated. The Episcopal Church Welcomes You. Everybody is invited to attend. Services are held in the Lajitas Chapel on the first and third Sundays of every month and as announced. Looking ahead: on Sunday, 15 July, at 11:00 a.m. a service of Morning Prayer will be held in the Chapel of St. Mary and St. Joseph, Lajitas.

Terlingua Church of Christ (just south the stables on Hwy 118) is offering clothes of all sizes for free, Saturday mornings from 9am to noon. We have men's, women's, and children's sizes. We ask that everyone limit themselves to five clothing items per person per week.  We also ask that you do not drop off unwanted items at the church building.

July 4 th  Dance at 8 to 12
Motor Inn Party Barn
Disc Jockey music
Admission $5.00 per person
Beer bar
Sponser: Old Ladies Club of Terlingua

Please remember that Otra Vez is closed and not taking any donations until August.  Someone has left some things recently - would that someone please go and retrieve their stuff as there is no one working until August.  Thanks

Recycling is closed for the summer... Please take your recycling to the Park or to Alpine.  See you in the Fall.  Thanks for all the support. Did that same someone leave stuff at the Recycling center off-season too?  Bad dog.

The House last week passed two smorgasbord bills that combined a number of disparate provisions under one legislative roof. The first bill concerned regulations on federal lands. Among other things, it would allow the usage of recreational vehicles in Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina’s Outer Banks; grant tracts of land in the Tongass National Forest to the Native Alaskan-run Sealaska Corporation, partially for logging purposes; and permit the "taking" of California sea lions, which have been preying on lucrative and fragile salmon populations in the Columbia River.

The most contentious provision would waive 16 environmental and conservation laws on federal land within 100 miles of the Mexican and Canadian borders. Under the bill, these laws would not apply to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in their anti-terror and immigration enforcement missions. CBP would be allowed to build roads, fences and surveillance equipment without regard to such laws as the Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act.

President Obama opposes this bill.

Rep Francisco Canseco voted YES......
Brewster County Democratic Party Primary Vote Totals Excel Spreadsheet