The Terlingua Moon
July 3, 2012   ~  VOL. 23 #27  Circ. ~ 30 paper + 169 email.
[Ed. Comment:  BOY is it summer!  It’s not the heat or the storms or the flies that give it away—it’s the LACK of ANYTHING for the MOON!!!!!]

The Moon (in the sky) was full at 1:52pm today!

Starlight Theatre this week –
Monday 7/2    2-4-1 Burger Night with the Whitmores
Tuesday 7/3  Taco Madness! $1 Chicken Tacos and Mr. Uh Clem
Wednesday 7/4  Happy July 4th –  Fireworks around dark.  Fried Chicken Special - $9.95 drink included--Dart Tournament will resume next week.
Thursday 7/5   Tim Relleva on the mic & Fresh Ceviche &Mojito’s
Saturday 7/7    Game Night – Hosted by Quentin!
Sunday 7/8   Movie Night The Last Waltz  Concert by the rock group The Band.  Filmed by Martin Scorsese and made into a documentary of the same name   in 1978.

INDEPENDANCE DAY SALE: Tenoch Reposado (100% pure agave) in a really cool pottery-type bottle for $20 off all week.  Nelson Springs whiskey on sale for $8.00.  Now carrying Ste. Genevieve for $4.25 & Yellow Tail for $7.50.  Mon-Sat 10 to 9.  371-3155

July 4 th  Dance at 8 to 12
Motor Inn Party Barn  --  Disc Jockey music
Admission $5.00 per person--Beer bar
Sponsor:  Old Ladies Club of Terlingua

Fourth of July Parade sponsored by the Big Bend Chamber of Commerce.  Come help celebrate our Country’s Birthday! 
Parade line-up at 5pm at the Study Butte Store.  Parade starts PROMPTY at 5:30 pm and ends at the Fire & EMS station – Celebration there.  Food and Entertainment as always!
First Place:       $100.00
Second Place:    $75.00
Third Place:         $50.00
Most Unusual:      $25.00

Recycling is closed for the summer...please take your recycling to the Park or to Alpine.See you in the Fall.  Thanks for all the support.

Please remember that Otra Vez is closed and not taking any donations until August.
Terlingua Moon - July 2012
Recycling is closed for the summer... please take your recycling to the Park or to Alpine. See you in the Fall.  Thanks for all the support.

Please remember that Otra Vez is closed and not taking any donations until August.

INDEPENDENCE DAY SALE continues:  Tenoch Reposado (100% pure agave) in a really cool pottery-type bottle for $20 off all week.  Nelson Springs whiskey on sale for $8.00.  Now carrying Ste. Genevieve for $4.25 & Yellow Tail for $7.50.  Dailey's Daquiris are back (frozen ready-to-drinks without the hassle).  Mon-Sat 10 to 9.  371-3155  Also, a shout out to Dave, Jeff B., Jeff M., Jonna, & Kathy; thanks for all your help while we were out in the world!

    Long-time local, Tim Benner, passed away at his home in Big Spring, Texas on May 3rd. His wife, Susi was at his side.  Tim had a long battle with lung cancer a few years back, and it appeared that he had won that fight; Tim was high-energy, fun-loving and active up until the last few days of his life. He had planned to bring a truck-load of lumber to Terlingua on the Saturday he had a seizure that led to his hospitalization. An undetected cerebral metastasis caused Tim's death a few days later.  Tim was the classic desert character; he will be missed.
    Tim's and his wife Susi were the proprietors of Susi's Snak Shak.  Susi invites all their friends and loved ones to come to a Pot-Luck Memorial for Tim, to be held July 14th at 6 p.m.
    It will be at their Snak Shak Quonset-hut building, 1000 Terlingua Ranch Road.  Bring food to share, BYO Beverages and bring a load of hugs and love for Susi.

From ElCentro/H2O 2 Go to the man (L.M.) whose tanks we are holding - I don't have a correct phone number for you to let you know where to pick them up, but you may call me at (512) 924 -2506 -cell phone.
    Another truck load is being filled.  Don't rely on the 2499 answering machine, but call the 2506 # and leave a message.  We will get back with you - In the meantime we’re Gone Fishin'.
This week @ the High Sierra...
     The High Sierra proudly presents Thursday Singer/Songwriter Starving Artist series.  This showcase is every Thursday, and features a different local musician each week. 
       This week, the 12th of July Laird Considine will be performing from 7-12 PM
   Saturday, Dr. Fun and Vinny Martinez will be performing at 8:00 PM
    Come enjoy the coldest beer in town, and a large screen TV for all of your favorite sports.

Mon 7/9     2-4-1 Burger Night with Hank Woji
Tue 7/10    $1 Taco Madness all night with Uh Clem
                 and Sum Bosons God Particle :)
Wed 7/11   Dart Tournament starts at 7:00 pm
                  Fried Chicken Special $9.95
Thurs 7/12  Fresh Ceviche and Mojitos with Tim
Sat 7/14    Game Night - XBox, Ping Pong, Darts,
                 Board Games, Twister.....we got 'em all!
Sat 7/14    The Doodlin' Hogwallops!
Sun 7/15    Movie Night - Cheech and Chongs Up In
Mon 7/16  2-4-1 Burger Night with Jason Blum - he's a  Great singer/songwriter and he'll be filming a music video! Come and check it out!

BREWSTER COUNTY - In Brewster County, the rainfall is helping to lift their burn ban.
    On Monday, Commissioners voted to lift the ban.
The Emergency Management Coordinator made the recommendation now that the drought conditions are looking better.
   The court is asking that citizens continue to be cautious while burning.

The Terlingua Moon
June 17th, 2012
Volume 23 - # 29
We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one -  Jacques Cousteau
South County Mud Clowns
IMPORTANT: The Alpine Branch of the Community Action Group will be in Terlingua/Study Butte area this Wednesday – July 18th. They will be at the Red Pattillo Community Center from approximately 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. taking applications. 

This agency gives assistance  for electric bills to our neighbors who need the help; they also help with propane bills in the winter months.   They help with transporation to medical appointments, and so much more.  Community Action normally comes to South County every 2nd  Wednesday of each month.  While you wait, enjoy cookies donated by the Texas Justice Court Judges Association, or – just stop by to pick up a Community Action brochure, have cookies and thank the Community Action workers for all the good they do for others.
AND, Thank You to the Texas Justice Court Judges Assoc. for the delicious cookies to be shared.
Sort of on the same subject (op.ed.):
Our part of the county has gotten into pitiful shape.  We had a major storm a couple of months ago that left debris all over South Brewster County.  Some will be very dangerous when it goes airborne again; and it will.  There is no help, nor any way to dispose of the rubble.  Granted, City taxes provide benefits for Alpine. Even though we, and Big Bend National Park, are a main tourist destinations in this part of Texas, our tourist/tax dollars buy us scant benefits.  Dead refrigerators and piles of appliances and household trash can be seen from the main roads in many places; some are piled into dry arroyos and dry waterways. Just about everyone has a “BIG TRASH” pile. We are considered a colonia, which means – among other things -poverty (and below) incomes are the average here.  Our electricity and water costs far exceed those of most of the rest of the state.  We have no trash pick-up, and must pay for and/or share dumpsters – or throw it out into the desert.  North County (Alpine) gets trash pick –up, big trash day, cheap water, electricity for .20 per kwh. And can use OUR dump by showing their utility bill.  We must travel 84 miles and have to pay to dump.  Our food pantry here is empty, yet we all get letters from the Alpine, West Texas Food Bank asking for donations – and, they DO NOT serve South County - Terlingua and Study Butte.  I took the letter as an insult and threw it in the trash.  Monthly commodoties that many here counted on are rare, if at all. The only small store that did take food stamps is closed.  The only other store does not except them.  People must drive 84 miles, one way, to stores in Alpine that will take food stamps – which negates the benefit of the food stamps.  I am doing okay; however, I -for one of many- am tired of my community being treated this way. 

We are famous down here for being ‘laid back’.  But, we have to start pitchin’ a fit about the situation.  Send ideas to the site that was created for the RGEC problems

The only ad submitted this week before deadline:
SHOT TIME LIQUORS - Mon - Sat  10 to 9   371-3155
Yeah; it's finally here. Cabo Wabo is now available. 
The following is only meant as a public service message from this editor:
  Wills and Lawyers are two things every human puts off until it is too late or we are in trouble. has state specific wills for as little as $15 or a 3-pack of vital legal forms for $29 which includes: Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney, all specific to Texas law.  If you don’t have a computer, you can call 1-877-389-0141
THE RUN-OFF ELECTIONS ARE THE LAST DAY OF JULY – 7/31.  Go to the polling place where you originally voted  - BUT VOTE.
We now have a local distributer for this amazing product.  Uses NO water; solar powered; wind evaporated toilet AND (from what we understand) approved for use in the entire state of Texas. Think about it.  The average family of four flushes AT LEAST 300 gallons of water per day down the sewer or into a plastic capsule in the ground – where it can’t be evaporated back up to produce life-saving rain. (4th grade science).  Enquire where you see the cabins by the mailboxes at the Terlingua Ranch Main Road and Hwy 118. Stop and talk to Ron or call 3186
Last week, we went on a road trip and took our bathing suits, believing, with all our hearts, we would find a lake to soak in.  First stop, the Ivie Lake/Reservoir – where the Colorado and Concho come together in Runnels, Concho and Coleman counties.  Its original intent was to capture around a half-million acres of water.  It was gut-wrenchingly sad.  Only a bathtub ring way off in the distance and dead sticks shooting up where a massive lake had been.  We were stunned.  We went back into town to shop and a salesman talked about how bad the drought had been, and that he really needed to drill another water well; his was drying up.  “Doesn’t matter,” he said, “I only use the well to water my lawn.” I’ll spare you the horror of other lakes and waterways we saw… none were good.
A water catchment tank order is more than half filled.  We have 4/3,000 gallon and 1/1,750 on the truck, so far.  If you ordered some 3,000s, please contact us for deposit info. 2506. 
Attention Lance: please contact us about picking up your tanks from the last order so we can free up our trailer.
This is a NO JOKE issue of the Terlingua Moon.
Next week’s Moon by Patchouli Gulch Gal.  Submit news to by noon on Monday
The Terlingua Moon

July 24, 2012 ~ VOL. 23 #30
“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” ― Isaac Asimov
RECYCLING is closed for the summer, please take your recycling to the Park or to Alpine See you in the Fall.  Thanks for all the support.

MANY STONES has four adult turkeys to sell at ten bucks each and back yard eggs at two bucks per dozen.

ONE BLOODY SHIRT AT A TIME – Beth Garcia’s new book:  There is a list of where to buy it. In Terlingua it's available at Burr Rabbit Curios (Easter Egg Valley) and at Cottonwood General Store. In Alpine, at Front Street Books. It will soon be available in more places throughout the area. And, of course, it's always available on

Like Canadian whiskey? Like it at half the price? We've got some; Canadian Gold 1 Ltr for $10.50. Our newest Canadian whiskey is Crown Royal Special Reserve 750 mL for only $48.00!  Mon-Sat 10 to 9   371-3155

BBCAC / The Alpine Neighborhood Center was at the Community Center in Terlingua on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 taking applications for energy assistance.  Normally they are there from 11am to 2pm. and usually on the second Wednesday of the month. Go by the Crisis Center in the Ghost Town to get a brochure about the services they provide. Please call the Alpine Office at 837-2142 for list of required documentation needed to apply. Thank you, Mireya Contreras, Director, Big Bend Community Action Committee, Inc.

Catchment Tank Order
If we don't have your deposit; your tank will not
be on the truck.  Call 371-2506

If you know Cindy Sue, you know angels really do live, walk and breathe among us.  Cindy is in the ICU at the Odessa Hospital following a very serious surgery.  Please send thoughts, prayers and love her way ... she needs all our strength working for her right now.

OTRA VEZ Please remember that Otra Vez is closed and not taking any donations until August.
Someone has left some things recently - would that someone please go and retrieve their stuff as there is no one working until August.  Thanks

Tues 7/24 - $1 Taco Madness with Uh Clem
Wed 7/25 - Dart Tournament starts at 7:00
Thurs 7/26 - Ceviche & Mojito's with Tim Relleva breakin down the mad lyrics!
Fri 7/27 - Ghosts Along the Brazos - get your dancin shoes on!!

Hank Woji, Wednesday, July 25th @ 7 PM
The Ghosts along the Brazos, Thursday, July 26th @ 7 PM.  Come enjoy ice cold beer and great swing music!!  Watch your favorite sporting event upstairs on the Big screen and enjoy refrigerated air!!

THE COTTONWOOD GENERAL STORE has been approved for the Lonestar Card, and is now waiting to get set up. Hopefully, the process will be quick and easy, and we thank you for your patience.

EARLY VOTING is available at the Brewster County Court House Annex (Tax Office) all week during office hours (8-5 - except for lunch 12-1) - if you're in Alpine please take the time to vote.



Please exercise your right to vote in these important run-offs, no mater who you support or party affiliation! (Remember- if you voted in the Republican Primary, you can't vote in the Democratic run-off nor vice versa)

A couple of corrections were requested of that editor, South County Mud Clowns. The first is that, in Alpine, they get electricity for 8.5 cents per kwh (not 20 cents) with a meter fee of $3.15.  So, 800 kwh in Alpine costs $71.25. S. County cost is (avg.) 14.05 cents per kwh with a meter fee of $34.25.  So, our 800 kwh cost us $ 146.75, 105% increase.  (and the less we use, the higher the cost)  For another $80 (avg.)  Alpine gets water, sewer and garbage pickup.  ALL for about the cost of one of our electric bills.

Another caller wanted a retraction about Food Bank/Pantry issues. SCMCs said they would gladly print the following: 
From David Sullivan, West Texas Food Bank
In regards to the story you printed in The Terlingua Moon on June 17th referring to the West Texas Food Bank.
    The Family Crisis Center in Terlingua received 63,321 lbs of food in 2011, and so far this year has received 19,124 lbs of food.
    Terlingua Ranch Community Church in 2011 received 4,117 and so far this year has gotten 2,099 lbs of food. 
      The agency that should have been mentioned was the Food Pantry of Alpine and not the West Texas Food Bank. Donations we have received from the Terlingua, Study Butte area in the last 10 years total $2,327 from 25 donors.
     Could you please print a retraction acknowledging the contributions that the West Texas Food Bank has made to the South County area.

To the person who suggested a common site or blog where we could all enter our many and varied concerns and complaints:  that is a wonderful idea!  Set it up and publish the location in the Moon. 
Regards, South County Mud Clowns

Send your Terlingua news to:

Namaste y’all!
Neighbors have requested a Porch Sale and Flea Market scheduled for the second Saturday in August at el Centro/H2O 2 Go.  The tentative date is August 11th, subject to interest of sellers.  Hope to see you there.

Cindy Ott-Jones, a 32-year veteran of the National Park Service, has been named superintendent of Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River in southwest Texas.  She succeeds William Wellman, who recently retired. Ott-Jones is currently superintendent of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area and Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument in the Panhandle of north Texas. She will assume her new duties at Big Bend on September 23rd.

Last week an 18 year old Mexican man died in the Rio Grande River near the Lajitas Crossing. His family, who were also not swimmers, grabbed a boat and started looking for his body. The Border Patrol helicopter found the body, about 2 miles down the Santa Elena stretch of the river and hovered over it so his family could recover the body and then watched until their canoe was safely off the river. This is the sort of humanitarian act that we need to acknowledge, be thankful for and encourage. The helicopter never needed to get involved, much less follow through. Mark it on your calendars.  Thank BP agents for this event when you see them.  We need to follow through too.

Thirsty Goat Saloon
Trevor Hickle will be playing this Friday and Saturday night from 8PM – 11PM.

Lajitas Chapel
The Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 5, in the Chapel of St. Mary and St. Joseph, Lajitas. Services are held in the chapel on the first and third Sundays of every month and as announced. The Episcopal Church welcomes you. Everybody is invited to attend. There will be a report of the actions of the Triennial General Convention which just concluded. A Pastoral Letter from the Bishop of Rio Grande will be read during the service on Sunday, 19 August.

Got News? Submit it here:
The Terlingua Moon
July 31, 2012 ~ Vol. 23 #31
By: Raven &
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde
A planned power outage will occur in S. County on August 1st due to the need for lightning-stricken poles to be replaced.  The outage will start at 10PM and last approximately 6 hours.

Shot Time Liquors
Like your beer with a little more "juice"?  Come try the new fruit punch flavored JOOSE.  It's a 12% ALC/VOL malt beverage & comes in a 23.5oz can for only $2.75.  Also in, our newest top shelf vodka; Ultimate made by Patron (very smooth), $44.00 for a 750mL bottle.  Visit us anytime Mon thru Sat 10 to 9.  371-3155 or like us on Facebook.

Last Minute Low Budget Productions
It's time to embrace your inner thespian!  Readings for Summer Shorts will be Tuesday, July 31 and Wednesday, August 1 at 6:30 at the Theater Behind the Store.  Summer Shorts will be presented Labor Day Weekend.  Experience doesn't matter!  This is fun, fun, fun!  For more information, contact Martha at 2399. 

El Centro
We are still taking orders for water catchment tanks. There is room for yours on the next truck load. Call the Burrs 371-2506.  To the man who ordered two, 3,000 gal. tanks, please contact us.