Terlingua Moon - July 2011
LMLB Muchos Gracias
A huge thank you to all who made the Flat Rock Follies – a tribute to vaudeville a rip roaring success.  Special thanks to Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa which generously donated the Air-Conditioned Theater for the entire run and the wine tasting for the opening night gala.

Flat Rock Follies Review
By Carl Leatherwood

For some celebrants, it was like July 4th held over.  The last performance of the Flat Rock Follies, a salute to vaudeville with patriotic fervor – and humor – in political speeches and the cast’s closing “Yankee Doodle Boy” ended a two-week run Sunday.

The show was staged by Terlingua’s Last Minute Low Budget Productions in Lajitas’ Flat Rock Theater.  Produced and directed by Scott Watkins, eight Actors played in 10 features written in the early 1900’s.

Veteran performer Martha Stafford presented a parody monologue denouncing the campaign for women’s suffrage.  Her fellow actors, newcomer Sandy Smith and frequent character actor Deena Nolan, found the anti-suffrage stance as confusing as some do today’s trimming of NASA jobs when the economy calls for creating more jobs.

Stafford was equally impressive in a skit with her husband, Dave Long.  The two navigated a quagmire of hypnotism, where he thought he could win her love, her hand in marriage.  He denounced her acting ability until in a second she proved her love – and her acting ability.

Certainly one of the funniest short subjects, if not the funniest, came near the end.  In “The Art of Flirtation”, straight man Scott Watkins dished out of a 10-cent book on flirting to comedian Pablo Menudo.  “Right on the first page you learn something.  See – how to flirt with a handkerchief.”  “Who wants to flirt with a handkerchief? I want to flirt with a woman!”

Menudo, in catcher attire, recited the time honored “Casey at the Bat” written in 1888. Watkins also performed a solo piece entitled “The Southern Senator” which proved to be as pertinent today as it did when written in the early 1900’s.

Candice Davis played a famous actress, a role she is well suited to, gaining fame here for many and varied polished roles.  She was paired with Nolan twice.  Their second piece was a haunting tale of women and war.

Rob Dean, who performed in the first production of Last Minute Low Budget some twenty years ago, mounted the stage in cowboy garb and spun the humor of Will Rogers.  His sidekick, a large spittoon seeming to have a mind of its own at times (operated by Angie Dean), added to the humor of the piece.

Others involved in the vaudeville attraction were John Parker, lights and prop construction; Lisa Lowe, makeup; Sarah Bourbon, sound and publicity; Zena Zeller, scene painting; Catfish Callaway, stage manager; Cynthia Hood, choreographer; Annie LeRoy, Becky Williams, Joe Sirotnak, Tammy Besmehm, and John Lowe, house crew.

"He will know from an early age that failure is not disgrace. It's just a pitch that you missed, and you'd better get ready for the next one.  The next one might be the shot heard round the world.  My son and I are Americans, we prepare for glory by failing until we don't."
— Craig Ferguson

                                       July 19, 2011
                                 Vol. 22, #29
Otra Vez
Big Sale July 20 at Otra Vez.  Get all your shopping done now because they’ll be closed for the month of August. Please don’t leave any donations as no one will be there to take care of it. 

Episcopal Church Services
The Office of Morning Prayer will be presented at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 17, in the Chapel of St. Mary and St. Joseph, Lajitas. The Episcopal Church in Brewster County welcomes you.  Everyone is invited to attend, regardless of past or present Church affiliation or none.

The Episcopal Church in Brewster Co.
The Bishop of Rio Grande, the Rt. Rev. Michael Vono, has reorganized the congregations in the greater Big Bend area. Henceforth, St. James, Alpine and St. Mary and St. Joseph, Lajitas, will be known collectively as The Episcopal Church in Brewster County. Each congregation will keep its name and identity but they will function administratively under a single Bishop's Committee in order to carry out more effectively the Mission of the Church.  Dallas Baxter of Alpine is the new Bishop's Warden who will head the committee. The new Bishop's Committee representatives from the south county are Mike Taylor and Martha Stafford.

The Community Recycle Station is closed for the summer.  Please do not continue to use it.  Our next trip will be in early Sept.  

Earthship Needs
Still need bottles, tires and appliances for the Earthship.  If you have some, call Robert Earl @ 432-371-3200 or email

Petrosky Chiropractic
Dr. Dan Petrosky will be available at the Terlingua Ranch Bunkhouse on Saturday, July 16 from 10:30 through early evening. $75 for the first visit exam and treatment; $55 for each follow-up. Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, qualified insurance and Medicare accepted. Call 432-837-1800 for an appointment.

Espresso…y poco mas
Will be closed Wednesday July 13th, then will be closed from Saturday July 16th until further notice.

Starlight Theater
Thursday:  Diego’s Ceviche & Doug’s Mojitos; Tim Revella plays
Friday:  Dusty Roads – Jazz/Funk Saxophone 9:30
Saturday:  Rocky Top – back from Ireland for your entertainment!
Sunday:  Movie Night @ 9:30

Getting Shaggy?
Jozef Matheny of "The Salon at the Terlingua Store" will be in town July 26th-30th. (Delia's place)  You can make an appointment by calling 432-528-5037. Women's cuts are $40, men's $20, colors $40 highlights start at $65. See you there!

Shot Time Liquors
Tobacco products are available once again.  One stop shopping for booze, beer, & buglers.  New summer beers are in stock as well. Mon-Sat 12:00 to 9:00. 

The Road Runner Deli staff is going to vacation for a while. We will be closed from Sunday 7/24/11 till Friday 8/12/11 and will re-open 8am Saturday August 13th.
If you need assistance recycling please go to info@alpinerecycle.org  We appreciate your help, you can also call 432-294-3183.

Need some extra $$$$ ?  (Stupid question)
Start sorting your STUFF.  Pack it up. And, watch for announcement of a S. Brewster County-wide parking lot sale in September.  We (El Centro) will have nothing over $2.00 and many items FREE.  Details in forth coming MOONS.  So, get yer poup in a group...

SHOT TIME LIQUORSCome check out the new selection of wines imported from all over.  Previous selections are still available as well. New mixers and ready-to-drinks are here too!  Mon-Fri 12:00 to 9:00 371-3155

i invite you all to join me by giving 5 gallons of water (even if you have to haul it) to the desert (i recommend plants, because even the moisture will be enjoyed by the animals).  Just maybe some will evaporate and help bring clouds that cover us ALL in rain....

         " a little rain...some good lightning, HUGE thunder, and then the belly of the sky starts pouring down its soul on top of us all... to smell the creosote again..."

this is the thought i will hold as i give my 5 gallons...enjoy.....

High Sierra Bar & Grill welcomes Al Berry performing Friday night @ 7 P.M.

Dr. Fun & Vinny EVERY SATURDAY night @ 8 P.M. Come enjoy cold beer and cold air conditioning as well!!

Getting shaggy? Jozef Matheny of "The Salon at the Terlingua Store" will be in town July 26th-30th. (Delia's place)  You can make an appointment by calling 432-528-5037. Women's cuts are $40, men's $20, colors $40 and highlights start at $65. See you there!

The Community Recycle Station is closed for the summer.  Please do not continue to use it.  Our next trip will be in early Sept.  Thanks.

Otra Vez will have a sale July 20th.  The month of August and most likely part of September, we will be closed also for revamping and reorganizing the building.  Please do NOT leave any merchandise at Otra Vez the month of August as we will be closed and there will be no one to stage it.  Thanks! 

Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa, located along the Mexican border near the Big Bend National Park is currently seeking individuals for the following Non-Management Positions:

Line Cooks
Front Desk Agents

Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa base benefits package includes but is not limited to:

*  Vacation, Holiday and Sick after completion of  
   probationary period
*  Low cost employee housing
*  Optional supplemental AFLAC insurance
*  Employee discounts on rooms, services and retail
*  Complimentary employee laundry and swimming
*  Complimentary employee cafeteria (available
   Mon. - Fri. 11:30-1:30)

Send your news to terlinguamoon@gmail.com
                                       July 12, 2011
                                 Vol. 22, #28
The BURN BAN continues to be in effect. The restrictions prohibit ALL outdoor burning - including any welding and any food grilling or bar-b-queing. Violation of this order is punishable as a misdemeanor.  Fines may be as much as $500.  For questions about the ban, contact Tom Santry, county emergency management coordinator, at
432-837-9876 or at tom.santry@co.brewster.tx.us.
Please send news items directly to terlinguamoon@gmail.com
Deadline, Monday noon
GOOD NEWS; PASS IT ON. Let everyone on your email list know that they can see the current, full version of the Moon each week by visiting Dr. Doug’s website at http://www.drdougs.com
Thanks Jon; Thanks Dr. Doug
Mon-Sat 12:00 to 9:00 371-3155
Like a fancy drink that's cool, refreshing, & way easy to make?  Just three ingredients: "Bye Bye Bahamas"  1oz rum;  6oz fruit punch;  1 dash 99 Bananas® banana schnapps (we have the schnapps in shot size)
Starlight Happ’nins
Tuesday July 26 - Taco Madness!  $1 Tacos All Night Long. Uh Clem plays;
Thursday July 28 – Diego’s Ceviche Special and Doug’s Delicious Mojitos with Tim Relleva playing; Saturday July 30 – Relive those days of old with those golden oldies with Tommy Schlein; Show begins at 7:30;
Sunday July 31 – Movie Night - Movie begins @9:30pm – we’ll have popcorn
From the volunteers at Otra Vez – PLEASE… Do not leave donations outside the thrift store until further notice.  We will be closed during August and most likely part of September for revamping and reorganizing the building, and don’t want to have items laying out in the weather. THANKS !
Rescue Critters wants to thank the members of our community for helping us to rescue Great Danes and their puppies. The rescue is still going as we lack one Momma and 2 puppies, mostly all black. If you want to help us call me at 371 2224 or 432 386 8522. Bobbie
Need some extra $$$$ ?  (Stupid question)
Start sorting your STUFF.  Pack it up.  And, watch for announcement of a S. Brewster County-wide parking lot sale in September.  We (El Centro) will have nothing over $2.00 and many items FREE.  Details in forthcoming MOONS.      So, get yer poop in a group...
The next summer reading program will be July 28, at 3pm, in the Junior Room of the Alpine Public Library. 

Park rangers from Big Bend National Park will give a cave demonstration and show how to make paint from rocks and plants.  Kids will use this paint to decorate their own rock, so please wear old clothes. For more information, call the library at 837-2621.

Join Karen Boyd and Friends on Wednesday, July 27 at 5pm for a yarn arts gathering.  Knitters, tatters, and all others interested in learning and teaching yarn arts are welcome.  Bring your favorite project to share ! 


Big Bend Coffee Roasters presents Free Coffee for Seniors at the Alpine Public Library, every Friday 9:30-noon. Bring a friend!!          

Jozef Matheny of "The Salon at the Terlingua Store" will be in town July 26th-30th. (Delia's place)  make an appointment by calling 432-528-5037. Women's cuts are $40, men's $20, colors $40 and highlights start at $65. See you there!
NEXT WEEK’S MOON by Pachouli Gulch Gal.
(Buch… where are you ? . . . call)

Summer Time Hours
India’s Café and Sweet Shop
(432) 371-2888
Open 6:00 a.m. til 2:00 p.m.
Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Orders to Go ~ Home Cooked Lunches
3 days a week  Breakfast all day
Breakfast Tacos, Tasty Burritos, Great Picnic Sandwiches and Chips, Delicious Cheese Burgers and Chips, Succulent Yummy Patty Melts on Jewish Rye w/ Grilled Onions, Blueberry and Banana-Nut Muffins, Delicious Pecan Brownies; Vegetarian Burritos & Wraps, Fruit Plates (in season), Chef’s Salads, Refreshing Ice Cream & Malts.
Washboards might look good on your abs or make an interesting musical instrument – but, they aren’t of much use these days – not even for doing the laundry. 
Washboard (also termed corrugated) roads can be downright infuriating, dangerous and destructive.

These are some of the causes of these brain-jarring ripples:   
Lack of moisture/Prolonged dry weather;
driving habits.

Hard acceleration and hard braking are the greatest problems. As a result, washboards normally appear first at intersections and around curves.

When vehicle tires lose a firm grip on the road and spin or skid, a slight amount of gravel and dirt is displaced.  As this is repeated over and over, the gravel will align itself into the ever deepening, washboard pattern.

University of Toronto scientist Stephen Morris and his colleagues concluded that the development of washboards is very similar to skipping a stone across the surface of a lake. The difference between a skipping stone and a washboard is that the road surface "remembers" its position and does not, like a momentary water ripple, fall back into place. 

In the oil fields of dry west Texas – if the company man or the driller sees a dust trail in the distance as you approach the rig, you might be fired upon arriving to the location.  GOOD! 20 mph should be the absolute MAXIMUM speed allowed on any dirt/gravel road – and it will be decreed so – just as soon as I am made Emperor.

Please be aware that when you zooom up behind a driver on a dirt road, and they are zigzagging from one side to the other – it isn’t (necessarily) because they are drunk – but just trying to find the illusive sweet spot.  Some folks vow that the smoothest part of the road (if there is one, at all) is on the opposite (left) side.  Some believe it smoothes out if you go fast – a REALLY BAD IDEA.

Many locals are driving the only vehicle they have and it may be the only one they will ever have.  In some places it is virtually impossible to go slowly enough to prevent the ripples from beating the heck out of your vehicle.

What can you do to avoid causing washboard?  Carry a hot cup of coffee with no lid with you when you travel a dirt road; leave for your destination earlier and DRIVE  MUCH SLOWER.  DDdduuuuhhh! ! ! !
South County Mud Clowns
The Terlingua Moon
July 27, 2011 ~ Vol. 22 #30
A compromise is an agreement whereby both parties get what neither of them wanted.
~Author Unknown