John Wells' World Famous
Solar Baked Beer Bread

"Dr. Doug Loaf - Manna from Heaven!"

4 cups self rising flour
1 TBS Mesquite seasoning
4 TBS sugar
2 cups Monterey Jack cheese
1 1/2  cups of Hickory Smoked SPAM
16 oz can of Budweiser Chelada Beer.

Mix dry ingredients first, then the cheese and Spam, and finally the beer.  Mix well and put into metal bread pan or coffee can.  Place it in the solar oven. It should get up to 275 degrees or hotter.  Come back in 3 hours.

Serve still hot from the oven, with extra beers, to one hungry Dr. Doug. 

"...And God delivered unto his people in the barren desert Manna from Heaven!"
John Wells makes some mighty fine beer bread using the hot Terlingua sun and his solar oven.  He lives in the Field Lab on Terlingua Ranch, Agua Fria area, in the foot hills of Hen Egg Mountain.  John is a Writer, Photographer, Builder, Astronomer, Solar, Electrical, and Computer Guru.

He tracks the International Space Station with his telescope, and shares companionship with his pet Longhorn cattle.

Here is his web log:

Website is here:
John Wells
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