Dr. Doug's Special Friends
Dr. Doug's Mental Health Clinic
Guided Group Therapy on the Terlingua Ghost Town Porch
Dr. Doug and Sam Lewis

Affectionately known as "Jalapeno Sam" Lewis was very well known in the chilli cookoff world... He made popular the "Viva Terlingua" bumper sticker, sold tee shirts and endorsed products for many large companies.

He was a good friend and he will be missed.  This is Jalapeno Sam coaching me on cooking chilli. I didn't win on the chilli but I did get Second Place Showman!

This picture was taken in 1985.

i Viva Terlingua!
See ya' on the porch...
This page lists Dr. Doug's special friends, some famous, some not so famous, and some downright infamous.
This page was last updated: December 25, 2014
Dr. Doug's sister Karyn Trigg
Butch Hancock at the Starlight Theatre
Dr. Doug, his brother Jon and sister Gale are fans and friends of Butch Hancock. 
Terry Anderson takes us on a trip to Balmorhea State Park. 

What a treat for a desert dweller! 

James McMurtry and the Heartless Bastards sometimes play around here, and they have a powerful message, driving beat, and great harmony. Hear them here:


Listen to the words in "You Can't Make It Here."  Mighty moving. 
And their motto:  "We tour so we can make albums.  We make albums so we can tour."
McMurtry also narrated the EMMY award winning documentary "Ghost Town: 24 Hours in Terlingua" in which Dr. Doug is a character. This film also won the Golden Pecan Award from Seguin Film and Arts Festival.
John Wells is a genius survivor in the desert.

He uses a solar oven to bake beer bread, and a wind generator plus solar panels for electricity in his field laboratory in the Agua Fria area of Terlingua Ranch, near Hen Egg Mountains.  Keeps cool with a home made evaporative water cooler he calls Pepino. Spanish for cucumber, in "Cool as a..."
John was recently spotted tracking the International Space Station with his Celestial Telescope.  When he isn't building the field lab, he is at the Grub Shack or networking, writing and video-graphing. 
He lost his beloved dog Goldie, but recently befriended some nice wild longhorns. Ask him about Guillermo, Benita, and Beatrice.  Mr. Wells thinks Dr. Doug has the other best beard in Texas.
Ralph Moore is a long time friend of mine from Birmingham, England. He is well known in Terlingua as being a kind and caring person. When Ralph comes to visit he always brings me a box of Earl Gray tea direct from England. He is also a great musician.
Roger Moon likes to play here in Terlingua and in Lukenbach.
Butch Hancock at Expresso...Y Poco Mas Cafe in La Posada Milagro Hotel.
Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (ret.) and Congressman from El Paso visit the porch to meet Dr. Doug and friends.
Cheryl Zinsmeyer, affectionately known as Cher, is a very sweet lady and a very, very pretty BABE!. She's a popular local who lives in Terlingua but works in Alpine. She is loved by all.

She runs Sul Ross State University.  Below is a picture of the door to her office.
This guy looks familiar. This must be Dr. Doug's infamous friend!  He would not tell us his name, but said he knew Dr. Doug and he and the IRS boys (pictured in the background) were coming to see the Doctor some late night. 

They look like a fun group, guess they like to party!  Nice party hats and party beads!
Wade Copeland is another local friend of mine that I miss a lot. He frequented the porch on his regular rounds and made popular the "I DANCED WITH WADE" tee shirt.  He died in March 2011.
Cheryl Zinsmeyer's Office
Go Sul Ross Lobos!
© 2009 Douglas Blackmon, all rights reserved
Cher sent this relevant video about "Frontier Psychiatrist"
Lawyer Don Smith, 1978 R.I.P.
Dr. Doug regularly delivers some ice cold medicine to Lawyer Don's grave in the Ghost Town. Doug and some friends started digging Don's grave, but only went down a few feet because the ground in Terlingua is rock hard.  So someone drove up and said another friend had a backhoe.  Dr. Doug called him and he brought his back hoe, and in about an hour it was done.  Our friend's name is Art Eatman, and he did it for free. Spyder made the concrete cross.
Pam Priddy, Butch Hancock and Cynta endorse Dr. Doug and his website.
Dr. Doug Thanks John Wells for the solar baked beer bread.  It was delicious!  Click here for the recipe.
Pam Priddy, Butch Hancock and Cynta endorse Dr. Doug and his website.
David Chrietzberg and Paul Warren sent this informative video on the effects of various drugs on wood spider web spinning.


PO BOX 2075
ALPINE, TX  79831
(432) 837-2225  Alpine
(432) 729-4510  Marfa
FAX (432) 837-2757


email:  dblevins@farmersagent.com
Farmers' Agent Donna Ward Blevins.  She is a good friend and special lady, also volunteers at El Centro de la Cultura and helps the Terlingua Community through her monthly visits.

What a BABE!

Hey, more BABES!

Nurses at Dr. Dougs Mental Health Clinic, Susan and Lisa Ivey serve ice cold medicine to the many patients and visitors at the Terlingua Trading Company porch, in the World's largest open air insane asylum.

Jon Blackmon (pictured on the left with ice cold medicine) is Dr. Doug's brother. He recently went crazy, moved to Terlingua and committed himself as a permanent in-patient at Dr. Doug's Mental Health Clinic.
The Four Stooges (Hairy, Fatty, Nutty, and Cutie)
Chisos sunrise
© 2009 Terry Anderson, used by permission
© 2009 Terry Anderson, used with permission
© 2009 Terry Anderson, used by permission
Bobbi & Terry McDaniel, owners of the Lukenbach store, consulted with Dr. Doug on the porch in late September, 2009, and were so happy they left T-shirts for the Doctor and patients. 

Wild Horse Ranch
& Wildlife Refuge

Stewart Matthew Hersey

Canadian by birth,
Texan by choice.
Right to left on bench:  World famous writer and photographer Blair Pittman,  photographer and local personality Terry Anderson, Canadians Peter and Corey visiting from Toronto.
Suzan Harper came to the Mental Health Clinic on the Porch for therapy in October 2009. Looks like Dr. Doug can claim another success story, judging from that ear to ear smile on her face.  Love ya' Suzan, come back when you can stay longer!
William Goldenpen

Writer, Poet, Chef, and a really good guy.   See his website here:

India She Whispers

Poet, author and bakery chef.  Her websites are here:


Dr Doug Sez:

This is my friend Kelli King from San Antonio, Texas, where I was born, she now lives in New York.  She has the voice of an angel, is a renowned musician and world class photographer.

Kelli sings with the Fritters, here is their web site:

Dr. Doug Highly Recommends:

European Chef, Photographer and Writer Ara and his dog Spirit are good friends of Dr. Doug.  See his wonderful web site here:


Dr. Doug met Willie Nelson when he came to Terlingua to film "Barbarosa."
Dr. Doug's Best Friend!
Dr. Doug with his friend at the Terlingua World Championship Chihuahua Races.  He collected $200 in donations to the Family Crisis Center of the Big Bend.
© 2009 Terry Anderson, used with permission
Cacti, Silver, Art
Cut and Polished Stones
Ring Huggins, Proprietor

At the Ghost Town Saloon.  Dr. Benjie, Dr. Phil, Dr.Doug & my good friend Dr. Joe from Detroit MI.
Larry Harris, June 2011, R.I.P.
Susan, Opal, Willie Nelson & Jan Forte, 1980.
That was the same day I met Willie... The building in the background is the Badlands Hotel in Lajitas TX.  A construction crew and I had just finished that hotel just in time for Willie to do the movie "Barbarosa."
Brian Wrabley, Dr. Doug, Sierra Ward & Billy Poe

The other great treat at the High Sierra is you get to meet Dr. Doug by Brian Wrabley

Dr Doug is Terlingua’s most famous resident and a tireless promoter of everything to do with the region. Dr Doug is a one of a kind character that you have to meet. He’s been a resident of the area for over 35 years and it’s considered a must to have a drink with the Dr when in the Ghostown.

Dr Doug is full of stories about the town and history of the region. The Dr is quick with a joke and can make you cry with laughter. He also has a fabulous, hilarious website which imparts his philosophy, which is all  about being happy and enjoying your life and remembering to laugh. His website is full of links and video clips that will tell you all you need to know about the Big Bend region. His brother Jon Blackmon created the website and deserves major credit for helping to promote the area.

I’d like to also mention some of the other good people we’ve met in Terlingua; Kaci Fullwood at Upstairs at the Mansion who we mentioned in a previous travelogue. India & William at India’s Cafe two wonderful people who provide great conversation along with great food www.Indias.homestead.com . Dee and everyone at the Ghosttown Cafe who provided us with delicious breakfasts www.ghosttowncafe.homestead.com . Mike Long at Desert Sports who’ll be our river outfitter when we visit Big Bend www.desertsportstx.com/ . Big Bend is a phenomenal region with stunning natural beauty, but it’s the people that set’s this area apart from all the others.
Click on the card to see Treks West Tours web site.
Mike & Christine McCorriston from Nova Scotia, Canada, consulting with Dr. Doug.  They will be wintering with us every winter...
My new friends Tina & Lane Folkers are from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  Tina is a computer programmer & Lane is a hurricane chaser.  He flys through hurricanes, and has been doing it for twenty years.
Watch out Tina, Dr. Doug is in stealth mode, there is a nefarious gleam in his eye, and you're awfullly close to his glass of medicine.
Brandy Goodspeed and Dr. Doug celebrate her twenty-first birthday at the High Sierra.
My friends run the Chisos Mining Co. Motel at EasterEggValley, tell 'em Dr. Doug sent you.

Matt and Leah (and their best friend) are frequent visitors to the Big Bend.  Leah publishes a travel web page, here is an insightful article on Terlingua.
Catfish and Penny
Dominick Deflorio, Dr.Doug  & Sweet Gretchen from the Elgin/Bastrop area
Dr. Dougs new friends from New York and Missouri. Photo courtesy of Travis Jenks
Shannon Carter (AKA Little Brown Girl) is a fine friend indeed.
Gray Gregson is one fine musician, he rocked Terlingua  October 2013 at the High Sierra.
He is a humble man with an extraordinary talent.  He has played with another of Dr. Dougs friends, Willie Nelson, and Gray is found in a list of the top Texas musicians.

Click on Grays beard to go to his website www.graygregson.com

Gray Gregson, Miletus Borne and Dr. Doug at the High Sierra.  Very fine friends of mine from the San Marcos area.               Photo courtesy of Pat O'Brian